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Stronghurst Stop Signs Remain An Issue

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

As more stop signs go up in Stronghurst, residents are making themselves heard that they are not happy about the continued "Stops".

With standing room only at the Stronghurst Village Board Monday night people came to voice their concerns over all the stop signs and those that are yet to be put up.

David Knutstrom said of the people he has spoken with 90% think the signs are ridiculous.

He stated he would like to make an unbiased presentation at the next board meeting after talking with community residents some more.

Anyone wanting to talk with David may call 924-1479.

David said, "Traffic has slowed down, but it is not due to the stop signs." Other guests felt that speeding tickets would be the way to slow traffic down, but Mike Bohnenkamp said Stronghurst did not want to become known as a ticket town.

Mark Muhleman said he understood slowing people down around the school, but didn't think the village wanted to hurt the businesses in the town by making it hard to get around.

Upon a suggestion by Trustee Angela Myers the board agreed to hold a special open forum meeting on Monday, August 16th at 7:00 p.m. at the City Hall, where everyone could bring their ideas, complaints, and suggestions to see if a mutual agreement could be reached.

President Eric Chockley said the stop sign ordinance was not set in concrete. Byron Burg discussed his concern of the truck route that has been established and wondered if during harvest there could be a variance. He voiced concern that when his wife brings the loaded 2 ton truck to the elevator and has to turn at the Farm Bureau building the truck has a tendency to tip and she would rather turn on South Street to the Christian Church and come down Broadway Street.

He offered to take any of the board members that would like to, a ride in the truck to see what he is talking about. The matter was tabled until August 16th at the open meeting.

Ronnie Gitting reported 253 new meters were read this month and at present there are 267 installed. He praised the new system in that it will pick up when residents have a leak on their property and he can notify them so it can be taken care of.

He said 90% of all home leaks are due to the stools. He said sales for the sewer packets have picked up some and he encourages all residents to use them, as they are the same ingredient used at the sewer plant and are less costly than most store bought products.

In other business:

Present were: President Eric Chockley; Trustees, Michael Bohnenkamp, Lawrence Neff, Angela Myers, David Vancil, (Leota Caldwell and Chris Cook absent); Clerk, Lou Ann Nortrup; Employees, Ronnie Gittings and Mike Nelson;

Guests, Donna and Mark Muhleman, David Knutstrom, Terry Myers, Gary Jarvis, Paula Clark, Byron Burg, Bruce Caldwell, Barry Dowell and Albert Renken, Alan Ferguson, and Kenny Corzatt.

The next meeting will be a special meeting on Monday, August 16th at 7:00 p.m.