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Judy Carlson Named Illinois' 2010 Postmaster Of The Year

by db Conard-The Quill

Out of approximately 540 members of the Illinois chapter of the National League of Postmasters, it is our own Judy Carlson who was selected as Postmaster of the Year for the state of Illinois this past week in their annual convention in Peoria.

Judy has been the Gladstone Postmaster for ten years and even though her home is in Monmouth she is much more than someone who comes to town just for a job.

The people of Gladstone have made Judy a part of their community and are proud of her accomplishment and the credit she has brought to their small village.

It was in 1982 that Judy began her career with the postal system. With only a three year break, Judy has continued to cheerfully serve postal customers for twenty-five years doing most everything from clerk to carrier, earning the respected position as Postmaster.

There are not many in our communities who realize the scope and complexity of a Postmaster's job. There is almost nothing they do that isn't regulated by law and by strict procedures and numerous reports.

Organization is critical and immediately evident when you walk through the doors of the Gladstone Post Office into Judy's domain.

In addition to the service to the community, Judy has been Treasurer for the State League of Postmasters where she has made significant contributions for the last four years.

This summer, Judy will attend the National Conference of Postmasters in San Diego, California where she may go on to be the National Postmaster of the Year. It wouldn't surprise her customers. Everyone who has said something about Judy has mentioned how humble she is and how much they really like her. What is nice, is that the rest of us do not need to be so modest in our pride over having the best Postmaster in the state being one of our own.

Gladstone Postmaster Judy Carlson is back to serving the people after being named last week by her peers as "2010 Postmaster of The Year."