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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

by Shana Jackson, The Quill

Students at Illini West performed in the play "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" last Friday and Saturday.

It was directed by Linda Hartweg and student director, Beth Cokel and accompanied by Janet Carlise.

A man named Adam Pontipee, played by Vince Nolden, came into town hurriedly looking for a wife.

While in town Adam met a waitress at a local restaurant, Milly, played by Sarah Ziegler. The couple rushed into marriage and headed back to Adam's home in the mountains.

It wasn't long for Adam returned to his old ways of being an ill mannered slob, and Milly found it was not just her and her husband, but 6 brothers living in the house.

Gideon played by Alec Miler, Benjamin played by Michael Burling, Caleb played by Eric Ziegler, Daniel played by Chris Beaver, Ephraim played by Joey Frakes, and Frank played by Zack Burling.

Milly decides to help the brothers to change their ways. She teaches them how to dance and later takes them into town for her social.

At the dance the 6 brothers met 6 girls, Alice played by Kayla Bess, Ruth played by Audra Stephenson, Sarah played by Danielle Husband, Liza played by Mary Carroll, Martha played by Mallory Brooks, and Dorcas played by Ashley Olin, and like Adam they also wanted to get married.

Soon there would be a problem when those six girls had their own jealous suitor; Carl played by Jack Carlisle, Matt played by Cody Carson, Zeke played by Tim Yex, Luke played by Dyllon Piper, Joel played by Cole Carson, and Jeb played by Seth Pilkington.

After returning home from the social which turned into a fight Adam read the brothers a story and thats when they decided they would kidnap the girls and bring them back to their home in the mountains.

After the kidnap as they are returning home they caused an avalanche to fall and block the suitors from getting to them. The girls are so upset by the time they reach the house.

Milly scolds the boys and sends them all outside to live in the barn. Adam goes up the mountain to live on his own.

They live like this all winter and when spring finally rolls around, the brothers and girls are still in love and they move back into the house.

Gideon (Alec Miler) goes to the mountain to try and talk Adam into coming back home by telling him that Milly (Sarah Ziegler) has had their baby girl.

Adam makes his way back home to find his wife and daughter.

The suitors make their way up the mountain to find that the girls are happy and wants to marry the brothers.

To wrap it up Milly (Sarah Ziegler) and Adam (Vince Nolden) renew their vows and the 6 brothers and 6 girls get married and they lived happily ever after.

Vince Nolden and Sarah Ziegler were cast as leads in the recent Illini West production of "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers."