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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "The tax man makes for a good chiropractor this time of year"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois. Some folk around these parts has finished plant'n corn already.

After last years late wet spring, they attacked their field work like a, "Spastic woodpecker". Peck'n away as if'n there would be no tomorrows.

I have spotted more 24 row planters in fields this spring than ever before. In fact it was not difficult to spot eager beavers sporting two 24 planters for the same individual.

Mostly was Mr. "Short Britches" with his hat on backwards and some of his like, farm'n one-half the country side.

They say there is a mad "rush" to install bigger and better corn dryers for next falls harvest. Chances are with the crop being planted so early, those dryers won't be as necessary as they were last fall.

Many folk are a count'n on a big crop harvest come next fall. Those who price crops has got that figured out also. As I write this column corn fell 17 cents per bushel in price.

To hear the grocery manufacturers propaganda, the American farmer is a make'n too much profit because of ethanol. They wants to bring him back in line begg'n the government for price support for any meager profit.

With the price of corn down you don't see their food packages gett'in back to the larger sizes they once were or prices come'n down to their previous levels.

It's all about money and if'n Cornelius Farkwad gots it figured right those members of the grocery manufacturers are as, "Greedy" a bunch of "Gold Diggers" as ever tried to skin a feller.

And, the naive city slickers, ignorant to farm'in economics, buys into their slick talk, lock, stock and barrel!

Buster Jiggs sez some folk around these parts even sells their crops to one of the members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, as if'n they really don't care about make'n a profit for themselves or their farm.

Never mind'n that they are sell'n to one of the very members of an organization try'n very hard to depress grain prices to further their own already exorbitant profits.

Ole Bill Jones sez if'n you don't believe it, look it up on the internet as to who belongs to the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

See for yourself if'n a local major corn buyer belongs or not.

Those of you who rely on GPS to guide your tractor's whilst planting, putt'n on anhydrous ammonia nitrogen, spray'n on chemicals or apply'n other fertilizers have surely noticed the system generally quits work'n around the time of 5 mph to 6 mph.

Those who bought planters without markers find this a major inconvenience.

One of my neighbors sez when the system shuts down, he take his dinner break until it starts back up again, in about an hour. He's got more patience than me to shut her down for even an hour.

Some sez the problem is with satellites somehow. It might be so, but Cornelius Farkwad tells me farmers are gett'n mighty cocky farm'n so big and want'n to do it with less physical work.

Maybe this problem is simply an early warn'n who is really in charge. If'n you don't fall in line with what is asked of you, we'll just shut off your satellite for a spell.

This Tea Party thing is gett'n a lot of headlines of late. The "Liberals" and "Tax and Spend" politicians are a give'n this group the same contempt, "King George" of England did back in the 1700's.

He called them lots of names and threatened to take the guns away from those rebel rouser upstart colonists.

Well, his mighty military met those squirrel hunters at Concord Bridge and, "The shot was fired heard round the world". Have we forgotten our American Heritage and the history that gave us our freedoms?

Maybe come November we'll find out the answer to that question. Those liberals contempt for our U.S. Constitution is disgust'n and a disgrace to many.

Myself, I'm a hope'n come November I've had time enough to heal up on this "beat'n". I'm a take'n ride'n a jerk'n, jump'n, bump'n tractor over those rough clods I created earlier.

The only one I knows who is satisfied with this whole exercise is my chiropractor!

About the only time I've been able to straight'n my back, since field work started, was when my tax man handed me what I owed the government for a years worth of hard work.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke