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Village Of Raritan Trustees Meeting

The Village of Raritan trustees met in regular session this April in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House with trustees Sammy Blender, Phil Anders, Gary Powless, Carla Magee, Earl Waller and Mike Knapp answering roll call.

Visitor was Alan Ferguson.

Trustee "Sammy" Blender opened with prayer, then trustees approved the March minutes and the following bills were submitted for payment as follows:

PDC $14.50; AmerenIP $831.83; Dallas Rural Water $588.26; Waste Management $843.20;

Jim Blender $1,109.20; Richard Knapp $461.75; Earl Waller $203.17; Phil Anders $554.10; Dwayne Magee $507.92;

Sammy Blender $203.17; Gary Powless $184.70; Mike Knapp $323.22; Carla Magee $554.10;

Linda Thompson $461.75; Phil Anders $84.00; Dennis Rankin $154.50.

Trustee Earl Waller amended his motion to to include a roll call vote on the bills, seconded by trustee Phil Anders.

The roll call vote was trustees Waller, Anders, Magee, and Knapp yes, and trustees Powless and Blender no, and the motion carried to pay above bills.

Alan Ferguson was present to discuss resurfacing of the village streets.

Trustee unanimously approved a motion to do the streets and alleys as far as the money will go, which the village has in the Motor Fuel Tax fund this year.

It was reported that the bench in memory of Carol Gibb has arrived and trustees will see to it that it is put up in the park.

A discussion was held about the lights at the ball diamond and it was decided that trustee Powless will check with Steve Wisslead who owns the lights.

Trustees instructed the clerk to get the portable toliets for the park around the first of May.

A discussion was held about increasing the garbage fees, with the decision to have the Village Clerk contact Waste Management to see how many pickups are made each week.

A motion by trustee Sammy Blender to give the Raritan Cemetery $1,750.00 to help with tuck pointing the bricks at the cemetery was seconded by trustee Earl Waller and carried by the board.

Also, a motion by trustee Waller, seconded by trustee Knapp to hire Jay Blender to mow the park was approved with trustee Sammy Blender abstaining from the vote.

The meeting was adjourned to the next regular meeting night in May.