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The Junior-Senior West Central Prom

WC Junior-Senior Prom at Hotel Burlington includes a Masquerade Ball

by Stephanie Ackermann - Junior Class President

The West Central High School's Prom of 2010 will take place this weekend on Saturday, April 17th. The theme is "Midnight Masquerade."

Many students are embracing this opportunity to go to a masquerade and are making or wearing their own masks. Although, if a student does not have their own mask, there will be masks for everyone at prom.

Promenade will be held at West Central High School at 4 pm on Saturday and coronation will follow immediately after.

This year we thought it would be a good idea for everyone in the community who comes to promenade to see coronation and help celebrate with the students. Prom will be held at Hotel Burlington in downtown Burlington, Iowa across from the old capital theater from 7-11pm.

The prom court this year will be a little different because there are five girls and five boys. Queen candidates are Stephanie Ackermann, Hannah Allaman, Taylor Cupps, Mackenzie Meyer, and Hillary Pence. King candidates are Dylan Bell, Nick Daniels, Ethan Lafary, Brock Heap, and Sam Hilten.

We wish all of them the best of luck and hope to see many people at promenade!

West Central High School Prom Court: (Front) Taylor Cupps, Stephanie

Ackermann, Brock Heap, Sam Hilten. (Back) Dylan Bell, Ethan Lafary,

Hillary Pence, Hannah Allaman, Mackenzie Meyer, Nick Daniels.