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Letter to Editor


Dear Editor:

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would do well to emulate Democratic President Harry Truman in current and future peace talks with Israel.

Clark Clifford, an influential Washington lawyer, became political advisor to President Harry Truman during his term of office. Clifford, in his book, Counsel to the President, describes a meeting in the spring of 1948 in which there was a discussion of whether or not to recognize the established state of Israel.

Clifford describes Truman as standing bravely and alone against the State Department and the Defense Department, including an angry Secretary of State General George Marshall.

President Truman detested intolerance and discrimination and was deeply moved by the plight of the Jews during WW11.

Truman was a believer in the Bible and often quoted Deut.1:8 in reference to Israel. The president courageously dared to stand for Biblical principles. His response was that of a statesman and not a politician.

According to scripture in Gen. 12:3, nations will be blessed or cursed according to their treatment of Israel.

America's destiny could hinge on President Obama and his administration's decisions.

Shirley George