The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The New Business In Town

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

December 2, 2009

One can always celebrate when the town has a new business.

Biggsville has the Lynn Hotel hosting guests and events weekly if not daily, and La Harpe has the Annex which has been used for everything from meetings of the bio-diesel ventures to this week's $8100 an acre sale of farm land!

But this week, Stronghurst is celebrating a new business in town. Oak Wood Estates Retirement Village, set in front of its sister business, Oak Lane Nursing & Rehab.

It may be a meeting place for events as well as residents move in and call it home and have a large dining hall and living quarters to entertain in.

It is exciting to have new growth and luxurious comfort in our communities, and especially nice to have a place to move that one does not have to worry about security, or no one knowing or caring if you get sick, or fall, and it is wonderful to have someone prepare you a meal if you want them to, or even doing your laundry if you aren't feeling up to it. The warmth of Bobbi Tapscott, who is in charge of the facility and each of those who work there is, well it is just like a loving home.

In spite of the continual negative talk of the bad economy, the people of the heartland are so use to scrimping and saving, we still can find ways to make things work.

Buying farm land at record prices, building a new state-of-the art retirement village, and of course, places like the Lynn Hotel, where a community has joined together to bring a new business and make it work, and the ever growing R&D Foods in LaHarpe with their deli, catering, and Annex convention hall to throw the party in.

Maybe these folks can teach the rest of the nation something.

I hope you each will be able to attend the Open House for Oak Wood Estates. They have two residents at present and a beautiful facility to show off. It is a good time to thank the board members and the Administrator Bobbi Tapscott.

On another note, it is good to see the harvest time with some nice sunny dry weather. I hope it keeps up until all the fields are harvested.

For those thinking about Christmas, there is 23 days left! I think I will be shoppping after the Christmas book is out, which means after Christmas. Remember, this is the last week to send in your special recipes, your special songs, and pictures and stories of special times you have shared at Christmas.

Schools and Churches, please send us pictures and stories of your Christmas pageants, plays, musicals, or gatherings, present or past before the next issue of the Quill is out, December 9th.

A soldier in your midst, any special Christmas gathering (going to the beach for Christmas). Please send us what you can. We will insert the book in the Christsmas issue.