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"No Time to Waste" - A Great Book

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

October 21, 2009

I was extremely fortunate last week to get a signed copy of JD Wetterling's latest book, "No Time To Waste" just in time to take it on my 2 1/2 hour flight to Orlando, Florida. It made the flight much too short, because it was hard to put this treasure down.

For those who did not grow up in Stronghurst and may not know Jerry (JD), his parents farmed on the road to Raritan and he graduated from Stronghurst High School in 1961 where his mother taught my children in elementary school. Jerry was a top gun pilot in Viet Nam.

His book is a moving account of many of his experiences and feelings from that most controversial time.

It includes several of his publications of those tragic and tender moments that a soldier goes through, which were published in the Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, and others. The Wall Street Journal published his thoughts after he had visited the traveling Wall which memorializes soldiers lost in Viet Nam.

His account was so descriptive that he described the heart and mind of many of those who had served in that difficult conflict. Jerry had written so well, in fact, and he touched so many all over the United States that his Email and phone kept him busy.

One such Email was from California Navy Captain (retired) Jack Bennett who was a former staffer in the Reagan Administration. Jack had served in World War II and was in Pearl Harbor on that awful Sunday, December 7 as the Japanese attacked.

Jerry and Jack began a lifelong friendship by Email talking and describing horrific events which led Jack into questioning Jerry about God.

In his book, JD shares his and Jack's Emails, details events of Viet Nam, Pearl Harbor, and Guadalcanal, and brings you to feel the struggles, while at the same time making it vivid, there is, without a doubt, a loving God who is in control.

Take time to get this book by JD Wetterling. Put it on your Christmas list to give to a friend. There is "No Time To Waste." Do it for all who are named on The Wall, and for all who are serving today.

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