The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Grandchildren Have The First

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

June 24, 2009

It is so much more fun to forget about the task of raising our kids and just sit back and take time to enjoy them. That's hard to do with your children but you can do that with grandchildren.

No worry, no fuss, no tuitions to pay, or worries about the spilled mustard on their brand new shirt at school, or if they've done their homework, or remembered to thank the neighbor for a gift they received or if they made their bed for that matter.

Maybe you can even teach their stuffed animals to say their prayers right along with them at bedtime and lighten up the mood without having to take life too seriously. They will learn to do that soon enough.

I returned Monday from a wonderful visit with my son Troy and daughter-in-law Erica and granddaughters Noah-10, Sydney-6, and newborn Carly.

I spent most of the time entertaining the grandkids and loved it, in between trips to the hospital and pediatrician's office with Carly and her mom and to the store for newborn baby items.

Purchases of a stroller, formula, diapers, baby bottles, towels, socks, wash clothes, a white eyelet dress for the baby's dedication were all part of the needs for little Carly.

She was as easy to hold as one of the girls stuffed animals.

Of course, Noah and Sydney had to take Grandma shopping and they took me right to the Build-A-Bear store which ended up to be quite fun. Noah choose a cat, Sydney a pink bear with hearts and I chose a soft brown rabbit for the baby.

We each went through a special ceremony and each kissed a heart and had it placed inside after an employee there helped us stuff it using a special machine and then he sewed each one up. We picked out an outfit with the girls using some of their own savings, and we were off to eat at Chicken Filet. It was quite fun and the baby had slept all the time we were gone with daddy.

That evening, Noah and Sydney wanted to watch Kong Fu Panda. It was so funny! Next, they got the great idea that they wanted to sleep with me. We listened to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and the "Mom Song" on u-tube on my Apple Laptop and it wasn't but a few minutes and they were both asleep.

Swimming, baking, even a treasure hunt was all part of a great weekend.