The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Graduate's Party In Colorado

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

May 20, 2009

After attending the graduation of my oldest grandson Matthew Ericson in Eaton, Colorado Sunday, and enjoying an open house of nearly 70 people who stopped by, I found that he had much appreciation for the little things people did for him, especially stopping by to wishing him well.

It is good to take time to recognize the graduates in our mist. It means a lot just to stop by their home or send a card with a note to let them know they are thought of.

A little money in a card can add up when several give for education gets more expensive when students are college bound.

In Colorado we got the most enjoyment out of Matthew's Uncle Mark and his dad wrapping up a backpack and tent in layers and layers of paper and tape with instructions that he couldn't use scissors or a knife to open it. They had placed it on top a tall ladder in the living room and when he arrived back home, he had to climb the ladder where he perched himself and started unwrapping his gift.

I am sure, he will always remember this gift over all, not because of the expense, but because of the fun and love that was put into it for his enjoyment.

It was also a big surprise that his Uncle came from Georgia and surprised him at the event.

As kids go off to college, it is so nice to know there is a loving support chain at home if ever they need to call for advice, help, or just to talk.

Graduates are at a new beginning again and the more we let them know we care, the better their beginnings will be. God bless all the special graduates as they leave their nest of family and friends and make their way in the world.