The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Honor In Our Students

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

March 25, 2009

Monday evening, what a pleasure it was to see twenty West Central High School students being inducted into the National Honor Society.

Every year, students are accepted into this elite organization which rewards students for being outstanding in four areas of importance: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

As I listened to NHS President Julianna Gillam, and Justin Allaman, Rachel Sams, Ashley Dye, Ashley Coffey, Miriam Rutzen and others take part in the Induction Ceremony, it was plain to see how important this recognition was to the students.

I wish the whole community could have been there, not just parents and family, to hear special guest and School Board President Lonnie Brent speak and tell of the importance of these four principles.

In this type of accomplishment, there is not a lot of hype, but more often there is an organized and serious mood.

It made me think how much we go crazy over other events, such as "Cubs Win!" rather than the quiet efforts of a person helping out a needy family, or leading efforts to make a road safer, such as Highway 34, or someone being of good character to do what's right.

There are no cute songs written, or no banners strung across the gym in their honor, nor do we seldom give gifts, hi-fives.

On the other hand, we act in a more reserved manner, and quietly stand back in awe as we see what these young adults have accomplished without the hoopla.

I wish to commend the schools and those who promote the National Honor Society with such a seriousness that it encourages students to want to be among them.

It gives great hope for the future of our communities, and our country to see young people wanting to make a difference in every way.

The ironic part of this is, parents attend this ceremony to encourage the students, when it turns out to be just the opposite, they have encouraged us.