The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor

Applauds Husband's Efforts

Dear Editor:

Recently Bob (Hamilton) bought part of a trailer that had been damaged in a storm.

His plan is to take the metal off, remove the wheels and bottom frame of the trailer. The body is all wood and he will add it to a house he owns for added bedrooms which the house is in need of.

This has really upset some people, but when he is done it will be an "addition', no longer a "trailer' and it will be recycled at that.

If you look around Stronghurst, you will notice that Bob has many "nice homes' about town that he has "recycled".

In fact he is working on one now that was an eyesore and will be a very cute house when completed.

Let me also say that he pays a large sum to Stronghurst for taxes and most of his rent money goes back into his houses to make them appealing for the community.


Gloria Hamilton