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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Cap and trade-is it based on science-or is it another California goofy fad, fashion, and fraud?"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois. I'm a hope'n everyone had an enjoyable time over the weekend with great weather and many activities to choose from.

Reports are those folk up north, around the Kirkwood area, are harvesting corn with moisture levels testing mostly 20% and a few loads at 21%.

Test weight, before drying the grain, was reported at 54 lbs./bu and yield number 2 corn, all over the scales, at 223 bpa field average.

Some of those fancy triple stock beans were harvested last week with yields reported at 72 bpa field average.

Corn sprayed with Headline (fungicide), versus non-sprayed, showed an 18 bpa advantage.

Will be interesting to see if'n this data holds true on other fields as the season wears on. Maybe on corn, this is the year for yield advantages on April planted corn with early varieties.

I put a call in to those folk up north, near Kirkwood, to verify the yields. They sez over the phone if'n you're from the government or the board of trade, and with corn price levels at $3/bu and threatening going lower, you can just cut those figures on yield in half or more. Report it to all your friends who are hope'n to beat the price down lower.

Same goes, they sez, if'n you are a farm manager or representing a cash rent landlord.

However, they reported, if'n you are representin' my lender or my crop-share leased landlord, then you can take the yields for the truth as reported.

Last week, I told you'ns I would write more on cap and trade, as written by Robert Tracinski and Tom Minchin, on excerpts they quoted on geologist Ian Plimer, from the University of Adelaide.

Professor Plimer has a new book, "Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science". The book is, according to Tracinski, ad Minchin, an authoratative scientific refutation of the claims of human-caused global warming.

The book is comprehensive in scope and according to professor Plimer, "Everything science has discovered about "history, archaeology, geology, astronomy, ocean sciences, atmospheric sciences, and the life sciences" refutes the global warming dogma.

Professor Plimer responded, in an interview with Robert Tracinski and Tom Manchin, in the following quotes as reported by these men.

"The past is the key to the present. Previous rapid and large climate changes were not related to carbon dioxide".

"This has occurred on all scales of time. The century temperature has been decreasing, yet C02 has been increasing. Over the last 150 years, temperature has increased (1860-1880, 1910-1940, 1976-1998) and decreased (1880-1910, 1940-1976, and 2002 to the present), yet C02 has been increasing. If C02 has been increasing, how can C02 driven warming have driven cooling?

Over historical times, there were the Minoan, Roman, and Medieval warmings, when temperature was a few degrees higher than at present. Sea level did not change. Over archeological time, ice cores show that temperature peaks some 800 years before C02 peaks, hence C02 could not have driven temperature rise".

"In geological time, there have been six major ice ages. During five of these six, the C02 content (of the atmosphere) was higher than now, and for two of these six, the C02 content has been up to 1,000 times higher than now.

If high atmospheric C02 drives warming, then how could there be an ice age during times of high C02? Furthermore, two of these six ice ages were at sea level at equator".

"Over the history of time, climate changes have been driven by galactic, solar, orbital, tidal, and tectonic processes, and there has been no climate change in the past driven by C02.

The (current) rate of sea level change, C02 release, and temperature rise and fall are well within variability, hence modern times are little different from past times...."

Geologists use integrated interdisciplinary science and look at planetary cycles over the history of time.

Anything catastrophic that can happen has happened over the last 4,567 million years, and such events are preserved in geological record. It is only if time is ignored that we can conclude that humans change climate by C02 emissions..."

Next week well see how climatology suffers from fads, fashions, dictators, and fraud.

In the meantime Keep on Smilen, Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke