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Greetings to everyone in western Illinois. I'm a hope'n you all are preparing for the change fall brings.

The last day of summer brought snow in Colorado and rain round about these parts.

Some folks have started harvesting crops and I'm a hearing decent yields but nothing fantastic thus far, with the exception of prices which are threatening to go even lower, below the cost of production. Should be make'n the grocery manufacturers happy.

Come'n up next weekend is the Henderson County Historical Society's Heritage Trails weekend (Sept. 26-27).

It would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity to share a journey through time-past, present and future.

Last week, I wrote about Mrs. City Slicker who was convinced all water was polluted and unfit for human consumption with the exception of "bottled water from a spring fed running brook".

She was taught this by "the sky is falling" tree hugging fanatics that permeate the main topics of our liberal leaning press and politicians of today.

I promised you more info this week and, perhaps next week as well.

Max Tracinski and Tom Minchin have written on,

"A Tax on Thin Air".

It describes the how and why the Australian senate defeated that country's version of cap-and-trade by a vote of 42-30.

They describe how the bill was defeated because of serious disagreements in Australia on the very existence of human-caused global warming. Senator Nick Minchin opposed the bill in a blistering speech as,

"This whole extraordinary scheme, which would do so much damage to Australia, is based on the, as yet unproven assertion, that anthropogenic omissions of CO2 are the main driver of global warming.....".

"There remains a very lively scientific debate about the extent of and the main causes of climate change with thousands of highly reputable scientists around the world of the view that anthropogenic emissions of C02 are not and cannot be the main driver of the small degree of global warming that occurred in the last 30 years of the 20th century".

Next week I will write of Mr. Tracinski's and Mr. Minchin's review of a bode by the University of Adelaide geologist Ian Plimer, whose new book, "Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, The Missing Science', which is an authoritative scientific refutation of the claims of human-caused global warming.

The book is comprehensive in it's scope and it is stated, "Everything science has discovered about" history, archeology, geology, astronomy, ocean sciences, atmospheric sciences, and life sciences refutes the global warming dogma.

I will share with you excerpts from Professor Plimer's responses to an interview with him by Robert Tracinski and Tom Minchin.

In the meantime, Mrs. City Slicker will probably need to keep drink'n bottled water from a spring fed running brook.

Take your camera and the youngens, and have fun on the Heritage Trail, whether "Strummin' with the Stimpsons" bluegrass in Carman, going to a parade in Biggsville and eatin' chicken and noodles at the church to stopping by the apple farm and wishin' Mrs. Weir a happy 125th year in business.

Make sure you attend the dedication of Abraham Lincoln's speech site at the Oquawka Museum lawn and take time to mosie on down to the Cemetery Walk inside South Henderson Church east of Gladstone. It is one of Henderson County's many hidden gems.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke