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Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois. I'm a hope'n everyone had a good Labor Day weekend with all of the festivities and goings on that were held throughout our area.

Ole Cornelius Farkwad came over to our place over the weekend to see to it that I had fully recovered from my ailments. He shared with me some insight into current events.

He starts out by informing me of an event that took place years ago. So long ago, I had almost forgotten it and even now it carries unique qualities associated only with deceit and trickery.

It seems there was this man and his family long known for chicken stealing. Late one night he was spotted traveling the roads where several chicken farms were located. A neighbor called the law as a precautionary measure to the suspected chicken thieves activities.

The law caught up to him located on one of the bigger chicken farms in the area. There, on the suspected outlaws presence, was chicken catching equipment, cages, and two five gallon gas cans. No crime had been perpetrated yet but it was obvious he was prepared for action.

When the sheriff asked the suspected thief what he was up to, he boldly explained his plan. He had genuine concern for that particular chicken farmer and thought perhaps he might give some help catching chickens, should any of them have gotten out of the shed during the night.

He had heard coyotes yapping earlier and was sure if'n any chickens were on the loose, they would not last long. When asked what the gas cans were for, he indignantly proclaimed his knowledge of gas thievery in the area. Should he run across any on this particular farm, he would help the farmer, as best he could, by capturing any loss of gas from cut hoses in the overhead tanks.

The suspected thieve's sons, who were along to help out in the good deed swore in unison that all that was stated was the truth.

Cornelius say's that particular chicken thief reminds him of a recent event planned by President Obama. He has been traveling all around the countryside promoting his socialistic ideas. He strikes on the idea of preaching his dogma to indoctrinate school children, openly proclaiming his intent on asking for their help in promoting his goals. It was to be a 1, 2, 3, punch. Labor unions Monday, school children Tuesday, and Congress, Wednesday.

He by passed normal procedures of going thru state educational channels and local curriculum professionals and tries to brain wash them directly thru the internet. This type pressure works in Chicago, why not give the nation a heavy dose of Chicago style politics.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and when it was discovered what he was up to, many school districts forbade the activity in their schools and condemned his intent.

Well, the ole wily fox now changed his specified goal of the speech, which had already been made public, and couched his new words on children staying in school.

He was indignant that anyone would think he held the belief that, "Give me your children to change and I'll change the nation". Why, he would never use children for political goals-nor would he ever steal gas or chickens.

Proof of the matter is that while speaking, on Labor Day, to a large crowd of union folk he admonished them to help him in his goals for health care. Never mind creating new jobs and technologies to help in the unemployment pickle some of them find themselves in.

The president's men even got former 1st Lady Bush to agree there was nothing wrong with a president talking to school children and/or helping a farmer with chickens stealing problems and gas thievery.

What was she to say, "Oh no it shouldn't be so", and the Obama team could then mercilessly attack her as it has been attacking her husband all of these months. They astutely had her boxed into a corner.

Easy come and easy goes is a phrase often quoted. There have been young folk who inherited great wealth but never knew the sacrifices needed to keep it. Consequently it slipped thru their finger tips. The thought was there was plenty to go around and it would last their lifetimes. Let the next generation shift for themselves.

Many liberals are crying, "We are the richest nation in the world and yet we don't have universal health care". They forget we are the wealthiest nation in the world for a reason. Many generations have sacrificed tremendously in many ways so that our nation could achieve it's great wealth and freedom as we now know it. But, spent unwisely we could find our nation's great success's squandered in short order.

Look at the former Rhodesia, South Africa, or any other third world nations for examples. One "Politically poor leader" and they were in the "dumps" going from economic success to poverty.

There was a reason President Obama's father came to the U.S. from overseas and it wasn't because the U.S. was in 2nd place as a nation. Vince Lombardy always said, "Come in second place and you are a loser".

Why would anyone want to mimic any nation second to the U.S.? If it were so they would go back to the second rate nation they were born into, as did President Obama's father and as his grandmother continues to live in and enjoy. Cornelius supposed that President Obama figures, "What is good for the goose, is good for the gander".

As for Ole Cornelius, he says give him the Good Ole U.S. of A. any ole day that comes by! Let the second, and beyond, place socialistic losers have their own ways that goes with those nations.

Cornelius says, "Thank goodness the chicken thieves were stopped before they could help the chicken farmer."

President Obama was put on notice before he gave a socialistic indoctrination to school children just as he ultimately gave the Labor Unions on Labor Day. -Help him "make change to our Great United States of America." -Never mind the consequence or concern for future generations.

Well, I tells Cornelius, once again you've given me a lot to reflect on. As far as calling my congressman, it was futile the last time, as he didn't return my calls. When I did finally reach him he speedily thanked me for my concerns but he boldly proclaimed I didn't know what was best for me, like he knew what was best for me!

Hang tight, he said, Keep vote'n for me and I'll make your lot much better than you found it under the Bush years! And, by the way, Mr. Congressman knew how to plan good health care. Look at the package they have fixed for themselves.

Keep on smile'n
Catch ya later
Barnyard Bruke