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Barb Liston Named 2009 Republican Woman Of The Year

Henderson County Republican Women's President Joyce Louden (left) announced Barb Liston of rural Biggsville, as the 2009 Republican Woman of the Year.

Louden highlighted her many involvements including her position as a past President of the Republican Women's Club, and public servant as a Deputy Clerk in the Treasurer's office, then serving as Treasurer.

Louden presented two Republican books that will be given to the Henderson County Library in her honor. The event occurred Saturday at the Republican Women's Club annual luncheon/meeting at the Raritan Opera House as 12:00 p.m..

Also speaking at the meeting was Regional Supt. of Schools Jodi Scott, and State Rep. Rich Myers, Treasurer Susan Meyer, County Clerk Marcella Cisna, Todd Miller running for Sheriff, Victoria Mohr seeking State Representative, and Diane Lozar supporting Bobby Schilling for Congress, announcing a town meeting at the opera house with Schilling on November 16, 6:30 p.m.