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BTT 4251 The Gatekeepers

by: Shana Jackson, The Quill

On October 10th BTT 4251, SFC Gary Jackson and team traveled to FOB Sykes to pick up their replacement team, which came from another location in Iraq. They showed them around Sykes, the units, and locations for support they will need.

On October 11th they headed back to Rabiyah and COP Heider where they showed them around and let them get settled into their "new home". 

For this next week "The Gatekeepers" will be showing the new team around the Port and introducing them to the Iraqi counter-parts and the everyday hustle and bustle that makes the mission succeed on the COP. 

This includes paperwork, administration stuff, and the headaches that go with supervising the Port daily.

"The Gatekeepers" have to take a year's worth of knowledge and pass it along to them in a short period of time.

On Sunday, Oct. 18th the new team will then take "The Gatekeepers" to FOB Sykes and drop them off. 

This is where they will then begin their journey home to their loved ones. 

On the 19th they will fly to Kuwait and stay there until the 23rd when they board a flight, that they have all been waiting on for what seems a life time, to head to Fort Riley, Kansas. 

They will be arriving either late the 23rd or 24th and staying until the 27th.  The team will have to out process and finish up all the paperwork before they can head home with their family. 

"The Gatekeepers" will then be able to spend a few weeks with their family and friends before heading out to their next duty station here in the United States.

[Editor's Note: Such is the life of a soldier and a soldier's family in service for our country. Shana anxiously awaits the return of her husband, and we have asked her to write articles as a way of keeping us informed of activities of a few of our many service personnel. Thank you Shana and Gary & the Gatekeepers, for your service.]