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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Post turtles are not only found in the White House"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois. Hope everyone enjoyed Columbus Day with it's three day holiday for federal government workers.

Some folks, especially native Americans want to change the name and/or holiday because of their perceived notion of the ill affects his discovery had on their culture.

Most folk realize that it was Leif Eriksson, a norseman, that made the first discovery by landing in Newfoundland 500 years before Columbus.

Christopher simply had a better publicity agent than Leif did.

Whilst thinking of Leif Eriksson and the norseman, one is reminded of those Norwegians awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to another "Post Turtle".

The awardee knows he didn't win the award by himself, he knows it doesn't belong to him, he knows he hasn't done anything to deserve it, and a good many folk wonder what kind of "dumb clucks" awarded it to him in the first place.

The ultra liberal socialists who would change our form of government know they cannot conquer the United States by military force.

However, even Kruschev, way back years ago, knew the United States was vulnerable to decay from within.

By award something over $1 million dollars to promote the United States weaknesses, they encourage change that the mightiest and most expensive war could not bring about.

It's a good bargain for the money spent but, I'm not sure the American public will fall for it.

An astonishing 43.4 percent of Americans now pay zero or negative federal income taxes.

The number of single or jointly-filing "taxpayers' who pay no taxes or receive government handouts has reached 65.6 million people, out of a total of 151 million.

As more and more voters pay no taxes it becomes ever more tempting (for those who pay no tax) to vote for politicians who promise more and more handouts.

The handouts being paid for by money forcibly extracted from an ever-shrinking number of their neighbors.

People who pay no taxes but ever increasingly get more benefits are less likely to be careful overseers of their elected representatives.

In the 18th century, Americans kicked out King George III because they objected to being taxed by a parliament in England elected exclusively by people in England who would not have to pay taxes, their elected representatives imposed on the colonists.

It becomes very easy to support raising taxes on the wealthy when you do not have to pay taxes yourself.

Is there any wonder we are having Tea Parties throughout the nation.

Almost daily the president and congress call for increased taxes on "wealthy" Americans.

How are you hurt if congress imposes a tax rate on your neighbor of 50 percent, 70 percent, or 90 percent, if you pay no taxes.

You, as a non-taxpayer, are especially motivated if the increased tax revenues are divided up between yourself and other worthy members of your non tax-paying class.

Bipartisan enthusiasm for tax credits are aimed at everything from children (1997) and college students (1997) to hybrid cars (2005) and homebuyers (2009).

This as a result of Democrats wanting to lower taxes on the least affluent and Republicans wanting to lower taxes on everyone.

One might surmise there is an abundance of "post turtles' in the seats of power of both federal and state legislature bodies.

Keep on Smilin'

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke