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Letters to Editor

Looking through my Grandmother's windows

Dear Editor,

It has been almost 20 years since I have lived in Stronghurst, but I still have the privilege of visiting a couple times each year. The view I remember growing up has changed considerably.

In 1989, I was a senior at Southern. When I looked out my grandmother's windows facing the west, there were rows of homes which were well maintained with manicured lawns. Each home reflected the pride of having property that brought beauty to the neighborhood.

As I remember it, most of the homes were inhabited by elderly widows who took the time and expended the energy to keep their property well maintained for the consideration of others.

I am proud to say that my grandmother is still one of these remarkable ladies.

Looking out the big picture window facing the south, there was a little home across the street. It wasn't big, but it was well kept.

A nice young family lived there, and they were very helpful to their neighbors.

The view from the windows facing the north was a single well maintained home with a cow pasture in the background. It was a peaceful place to sit and look.

Twenty years later, I cringe every time I come home because what I see now is much different. Now, the view out the windows of my grandmother"s home, regardless of the direction, is a complete disgrace as the current homeowners appear to lack any regard for their neighbors in particular and the entire town in general.

What do I mean by a disgrace? I am thinking of dogs fenced in or tied up in the front yards, which horrify pedestrians passing by with their vicious barking, growling, and aggressive behavior, poorly constructed structures such as carports with tarps for walls, lawns that no longer reflect the pride of their owners because they rarely get mowed.

As if to add insult to injury, one of the yards now graces the neighborhood with half a run down trailer home which the current owner intends to graft onto the current house.

One can only imagine the Frankenstein this will create!

Is this seriously to be considered one of the "nice homes" recently referred to in an opinion piece in the Quill?

When people travel through town or come home to visit, this is what they see.

It is a very poor reflection on a wonderful small town.

I wish I could take my children back twenty years so they could see the "Stronghurst" I knew as a child.

Jackie Phipps

Walton, Kentucky

Former Stronghurst Resident

Dear Editor,

Hey everyone!

Norway has been amazing, and although I've only been here for a month and a half, I keep seeing new things everyday.

The past week has not been updated on my blog page yet. Once I post about it, you will understand why...but for now, its a secret.

I'm just sending out my third monthly updated newsletter, asking you all to go to www..sarasnorwegianadventures.

I am quite disappointed in my most recent post. I wanted to write for hours about the trip to the north...but just didn't have the time.

But it's good in a way, because that just means that I am always up to something here, enjoying myself. No news is good news...right?

God Bless,

Sara Martin

RR Biggsville