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Big River Resources, LLC Galva Plant Now Open and Busy

Big River Resources Galva had their ribbon cutting ceremony and open house Sept. 14-15 of their 110 million gallon state-of-the art ethanol plant constructed inside the unit train rail loader.

Last week, semi's were making a long continual but fast-moving line through the plant, purchasing DDGs which is a bi-product of the ethanol used for feeding livestock.

CEO Ray Defenbaugh, board members Gene Youngquist, and Treasurer Les Allen explain to reporters in a news conference the high quality blend of their DDGs which they make and that it is more cost effective, which entice feeders to drive to their facilities for their product.

The facility is also having research done on their large supply of salt they gain at Galva due to processing. It may bring another avenue of revenue for BRR. The Galva plant is located along Route 34.