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Churches Of The Heartland

La Harpe Christian Church

The La Harpe Christian Church was organized in 1877 and in 1881 purchased the two lots where the church has been located throughout its 132 years of existence. The cost of the first church was $3,760 and R.C.Ventress was the first Pastor.

The church burnt down on Sept. 7, 1928 and a new huge brick structure was built and dedicated in March of 1930. It burnt down in a terrible fire on Wednesday, July 17, 1985 but the members continued with prayer and hard work which resulted in the 3rd wonderful building you see today.

Alfred Huston chaired the new building committee with Becky Humphrey, Secretary, and members Jane Kern, Bill Crabill, Dale Dunn, Robert Reed, and Marion Bice resulting in a new $1,000.000. state-of the art building which is presently in use.

The church houses a large gym/activity room and kitchen for gatherings and the youth, a library, many Sunday School rooms, and rest rooms and a private Prayer Room located behind the baptismal.

The church is very active under Senior Pastor Darren Beachy, Associate Pastor, Evan Sheckler, Youth/Christian Ed. Coordinator Ted Sharp, and a host of very involved members, with Jill Lionberger as the Secretary.

There are several home Bible study groups for the adults and after school "Crosstraining for kids on Tuesdays, and Wednesday night "Rock" for the Jr. High kids.

There are mission trips to Mexico each year where others join in around the area helping build orphanges and housing for families.

The Church is also involved with LaMoine Christian Service Camp and a host of activities throughout the year. They recently had a Trunk or Treat outreach in the church's parking lot for Halloween where adults brought their cars and decorated their trunks.

Seven Miracles of Jesus were told, one at each trunk and kids were offered treats.

A very active praise team leads the 10:15 a.m. worship each Sunday. Prayer concerns are spoken and prayed for before Pastor Beachy gives the message.

The Sunday worship services always end with Communion and the bread and wine is offered.

In the front lobby, there is a social area where coffee is served for those who enjoy it.

Also, in the lobby is a photo of "The Timothys" of the church-those who have gone into the teaching ministry.

The church is now working on a new church directory where all members will have their pictures in.

The Associate Pastor is working on the children's Christmas program "The Reason For The Season" which will be Saturday, December 5th at 7 p.m. in the LHCC auditorium. This short play recognizes 9 common Christmas symbols from the angel to the candy cane. Come and hear what the candle has to say about Christmas.

The auditorium seats 400.

Sunday school classes include Nursery 0-2, 2 & 3 year olds, 4 & 5 year olds, Primetime K-5th graders, Jr. High - 6th-8th grades, High school 9-12th grades; and two adult classes- Crusaders and Loyal Workers.

Pastor Beachy said there is no set age for baptism but it is done when one makes the decision to follow Christ.

There is also a sermon designed for the youth called "Prime Time" held during the Worship hour in the activity room.

The church also enjoys special guests from time to time and welcome members of the community to join them.

The church's office is open 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The phone number is 217.659.7813.

Presently, the church is taking part in helping on a Christmas gift Tree sponsored by the First State Bank to help others in the community.