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Letter to Editor

Dear Editor:

Cause For Concern

It just doesn't seem to stop. Every week something comes out of Washington, D.C. that gives me cause for concern.

This past week the attorney general made the announcement the 911 terrorists were to be tried in New York City's Federal Court.

I personally think this is a bad idea, as do 99.9% of the people with whom I've discussed this issue.

But what can you expect when the majority of the politicians in Washington really believe they know what is best for us.

It is hard to believe these terrorists will have the same rights as an American citizen. What if something goes wrong. What if they get off on a technicality.

I think we would be inviting more Muslim terrorist activity in and around New York while the trial takes place.

Not to worry though, the attorney general has all but guaranteed a victory for the prosecution.

What really scares me is the fact the "terrorist suspects" have access to far more money than O. J. Simpson and look what his money bought him.

I decided to take a peek at the "Left Wing Network" one evening and I got my answer as to why this decision was made.

I have to paraphrase the commentators remarks but what she said went something like this... "now we will have the opportunity to reveal all the illegal tactics used by the Bush Administration".

This was her opinion, but when you think about it President Obama has been pressured by his far left to investigate the Bush administration.

By having the trial in federal court the lawyers for the defense will spend months going into all the "harsh treatment" their defendants had to endure.

This way the president and his far left buddies can have their pie and eat it too without having to take responsibility of ordering an investigation.

In case you forgot who they are, they are the guys who kept us safe for 7 years after 911.

President Obama didn't even make 1 year now that the Fort Hood tragedy has blemished his record.

Do you like the idea of all the terrorists being transported to Thomson, Illinois, from Cuba? It is being discussed.

Another thing that has me puzzled is how the Fort Hood incident is being handled. I've heard on the news many, many things about Major Hasan having ties to extremist Muslims.

If these rumors develop into facts, then Major Hasan should be labeled a Muslin terrorist.

His actions of killing 13 people (12 of them were in the military) will have to be called a terrorist attack on our soil. If all these stories coming out of the mouths of Hasan's co-workers become fact, the question has to be raised as to why didn't a single individual reveal these incidents to their superiors.

This whole thing could have, and should have been avoided. I think I know why it festered and finally became a massacre. Political correctness!

I think each person who was in a position to report Major Hasan actions was afraid they would be labeled a racist bigot.

I wonder what the people who wrote the political correctness dictionary would say if it were one of their loved ones who was gunned down, in cold blood, by a fanatical Muslim extremist?

I also wonder why this guy is being tried in the military courts? It seems to be it is the flip side of the New York decision. I just don't trust the present administration. I will always believe, no matter how they color it, Fort Hood was a terrorist attack by a Muslin extremist.

We need to take our country back beginning with the 2010 election.

We American citizens will be much better off if Senators Dodd and Reid and Representatives Frank and Pelosi lose in 2010.

There are others harming our country, but it sure would be a great start if those four wouldn't be back in 2011.



Dear Editor:

Dangerous Dogs

I would like to commend the Stronghurst Village Board for their work in ridding the town of dangerous dogs. I can only hope that they continue their efforts and continue to rid the town of other dangerous dogs.

I would like to recommend that their next stop be at my neighbors house. My neighbor owns a Red Heeler dog. This breed is built much like a Pit Bull and can be just as aggressive and dangerous.

Couple this with the fact that my neighbor has, in the past, and continues to allow this dangerous animal to roam freely around his yard and around the neighborhood on occasion. This in violation of village and county law.

I have small grandchildren who like to play in my yard. I fear for their safety with this dangerous dog around.

Recently, I returned home on a Saturday afternoon to find the dog running free. I contacted the county animal control officer to file a complaint about the animal. I was told by the officer that, "It was too much of a bother for her to drive all the way to Stronghurst to investigate when she was sure that the dog would be back in its pen when she arrived."

Again this weekend the dog was running loose and again we contacted the animal control officer. This time we left a message on the answering machine. Once again nothing was done and we didn't even get a return phone call. I guess it was too much bother.

This animal is dangerous and will hurt someone someday. This is why I hope the village board will do it's job and remove this dangerous animal. I'm very doubtful this will happen, since the laws don't seem to apply to this dog. But I would hope the village board would see to it that their laws and ordinances are enforced equally upon everyone in town no matter who they are.

Richard Waterman