The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Raritan Board

Thursday, May 14, Raritan Village Board President and trustees met at the Raritan Fire House with Blender, Powless, Waller, Anders and Knapp answering roll call.

The minutes and following bills were approved: PDC Laboratories $34.50; Ameren IP $444.50; Waste Management $782.00; Dallas Rural Water $690.11; Gary Powless $80.00; Carlyn Andes $71.89; Phil Anders $136.42; REC $50.00; Jay Blender $625.00; Dennis Rankin $154.55.

A discussion was held about the dogs running loose in the village. If you have a complaint please call the Animal Control office at 309-221-1773,

The trustees would like to notify the residents that if you have a complaint about ATV's or dirt bikes making nose, notify the Sheriff's Office and he will handle the complaint.

They approved:

Village Clerk-Jim Blender