The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Treasure In The Heartland And Here's To You Gulfport!

by db Conard - The Quill

Marvin's Day

It was late Saturday afternoon as I was heading across the Burlington Bridge; I remembered that there was a gathering at the firehouse in Gulfport, and that I had wanted to have a look.

I am glad I did, I think most folks know how something will just stand out, like maybe a barn on a hill, or a scenic view. Something that stands out in such a way to come together as a unique form of art that leaves an impression, the first time you see it.

There was the normal gathering of friends and neighbors not much different from most gatherings, except for a sprint race car parked in the street. People were having a good time, eating good food. It did not seem like anyone was thirsty, horseshoes, a fish fry, and most of all, a celebration of a friend, Marvin Brockett.

The best way to describe the star would be as a genuine man who was well liked by everyone who knew him. How proud he must have been to see so many who cared.

Beyond that, I had a glimpse of something else, an intangible aura, of something shared.

A certain strength that only comes through experiences that are powerful and never forgotten.

So many worlds washed away by last year's flood, the worst of times.

Every one sharing in an understanding, that no one could ever explain to those who hadn't experienced such loss.

Like the bright green growth, sprouting everywhere, this celebration signified, Gulfport was on its way back. The rough waters had only strengthened the foundation of the community, its people.

It is the first fish fry, in way too long, yet only, the first, of many to come. It's a sparkle of hope for the Gulfport community and for Henderson County.

Marvin Brockett celebrates his birthday with friends at the Gulfport Fire Station in one of the first celebrations in Gulfport since flood waters came through June 17th, 2008 and destroyed homes and businesses.

34 Raceways enthusiast Marvin Brockett, enjoyed friends bringing their race cars to his party to brighten his celebration. The fish fry lasted from 10:30 a.m. until race time near Middletown, IA.