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Spring Is In The Air

by Jim Clayton, Quill Reporter

Spring is in the air, spring forward, spring rain, spring planting, spring cleaning, as the weather gets warmer the proverbial springtime sayings always "spring' to mind.

We start thinking of our favorite flowers and what we want to plant in the garden. Mower blades are being sharpened and fences are being mended.

Spring brings a sense of hope and new beginnings. The sludge of winter is washed away and the hope of a warm summer and a bountiful harvest flood our thoughts.

We feel as though we can now spread our wings and get outside and breathe the fresh air after a season of being cooped up.

Another thing that changes in the spring is our appetite. We begin hungering for those foods that are not readily available or may not be as palatable in winter.

The two primary foods I am talking about are fresh fruit and ice cream. And there is one area business that is catering to both.

On Friday, June 13, 2008 Jackie Ferguson opened Tin Roof Treats in Blandinsville.

"I love to cook and I have always wanted a small restaurant. When our son Tim opened his tractor shop it seemed like the perfect opportunity," said Ferguson.

The main fare of Tin Roof Treats is, believe it or not, treats. The menu has soft serve ice cream; vanilla, chocolate, and lemon soft serve all the time and a sugar free soft serve which changes weekly.

A full complement of ice cream desserts is available, from malts and shakes to sundaes and cones; you can get just what your heart desires.

Along with ice cream there is a full sandwich line too; steam burgers, hot dogs, and brats are there daily as well as ribs and chicken.

From 11-8 in the spring and from 11-9 beginning June 1 you can go in and fill up. "We decided to have limited hours in the hope that people would be craving some ice cream in the spring.

We had a few regular customers that were disappointed that we were not staying open year round, but we thought this would be best," Ferguson stated.

What about the fruit, you ask. "My specialty has always been pie. I like to make them and being raised on the farm and being around farming all of my life, eating and cooking were a big part of it and baking pies was a must at the farm house," added Ferguson. "We had to have pie for dessert or the meal wasn't complete."

Tin Roof Treats offers a different fruit pie every week. "Apple pie seemed to be the favorite last year," Ferguson pointed out. But any homemade pie with ice cream is worth the trip.

So, as you are hanging your laundry on the clothesline and after you finish washing the car and begin thinking it would be nice to have a shake or a malt, make the drive over to the west edge of Blandinsville and satisfy that craving under the big red roof called, Tin Roof Treats.

You can also check out the Tin Roof Treats group on