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Letters to Editor

Despicable Act

My name is Rick Waterman, I live at 510 South Mary Street in Stronghurst.

Last Thursday I was working in the yard and enjoying the weather. I had my dogs with me. They were tied up to the tree I was working on.

I didn't notice when one of them wandered a few feet into my neighbors yard. A few minutes later I checked on them and saw that she was eating something.

Because we have had pets poisoned in the past, I went to see what it was. Someone had opened a can of moist cat food,╩ mixed it with rat poison, and left it sitting outside in the yard.

I rushed my pet to the vet, who gave her an antidote for the poison. She should recover completely, this time because I caught it early enough.

What kind of cowardly, despicable person would do this? Next time it could be your pet, or child who finds this poison.

The sheriff was notified and hopefully the person responsible will be punished.

Rick Waterman


Dear Editor,


TPG Member,

It has been almost a year since we held a meeting with you to address the need for public transportation in Hancock County.

With time and patience, we have moved forward to begin Phase III of the process.

It is our hope that your involvement in this process continues.

Having an interest in the needs of Hancock County makes you a vital part of the process in achieving a public transportation system; it is not possible for this to become a reality without you.

A small group of agencies in Hancock County have met with John Edmondson, a consultant with the Illinois Department of Transportation. John has guided us through the first and second sections of the primer process, which included a community survey, an agency survey, and an inventory of resources survey.

We have complied the data from these surveys and are now ready to proceed on the final phase.

So, what is the final phase? It is the last step of "homework" in attaining public transportation in Hancock County.

Two work groups need to be formed:

ąContract Development-will utilize the information for the surveys and other data to develop interagency agreements for coordinated transportation system.

ąPublic Education/Legislative Outreach-will combine outreach and education to the general public, media, employers, business leaders, tourism agencies, and legislators at the city, county, state, and federal levels.

Please join us at the next scheduled meeting, which is on Tuesday, March 17, 2009, at 1:15 p.m. at the Hancock County extension Center, 550 North Madison Street, Carthage.

Please RSVP to Melita Finney (217-357-2171) by Friday, March 13, 2009.

By working together, we will create a unified transportation system for the residents of Hancock County.


Mary Kay Flesner

Transportation Committee