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MEMORIAL RIDE: They Shall Not Be Forgotten!

by db Conard/The Quill

A twist of the throttle with a purpose will be shared this weekend with a group of riders, to make for a great day in every bikers' book.

It begins the morning of Saturday, June 27th when bikers will remember our area's fallen veterans with a ride that starts off in La Harpe and approximately 125 miles later will end where it began with a dinner, auction and entertainment.

Along the way, there will be stops in Blandinsville, Canton, Macomb, and Colchester.

It will be a full day of fun with a sense of satisfaction that comes from recognizing those soldiers in our midst who have sacrificed their lives.

In addition, it will be a tribute to the families and friends whose lives were touched directly by the loss of our veterans.

In small ways, the sound of a group of bikes gathered together for a memorial ride touches everyone it passes. It's a rolling parade that makes us all stop and pay attention for even just a moment, so that we might appreciate the sacrificial gift veterans' families have made on our behalf of their lost sons, daughters, fathers and mothers.

As an old soldier myself, I see this as a celebration of each soldier's life, who cared enough about their country, to give their all. It would make any soldier smile to know that they were being remembered with a good ride and a party.

If you have a bike, roll in out and come join in the salute Saturday for this moving Memorial Ride down our "free" country roads. Whether you travel the highways, or watch from the sidelines, stop and think about the veterans and the treasure we have lost in building our great nation.

Joshua Palmer, Evan James, Michael DeWitt, Christopher Bartkiewicz, John Stein, Cheyenne Willey and Ryan Carlock are all soldiers who sacrificed it all.

As long as we remember, they won't be forgotten.

Memorial Ride Sign-up is Saturday and please remember, these bikes have motors, not pedals.

Sign-up begins at 8 a.m. at the Annex, 710 E Main St. in La Harpe

Ride kicks off at 10 a.m.

For information call Doug and Carol Palmer at 309-652-3383 or Carol at 309-313-3771

Have a safe ride, and a great day!