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La Harpe Community School District #347

The La Harpe School Board held a regular meeting Tuesday night, June 16th in the school district library.

Members in attendance were Board President Cindy Wear, Vice Pres. Dan Horton, Mark Irish, Rex Huston, Pam Campbell, Deanna Stambaugh, and Darren Spangler.  Also present were Supt. Jo Campbell, Prin. Lila McKeown and Jeanne Clayton.

Principal McKeown reported that the custodians have been very busy this summer cleaning all of the classrooms, emptying the 1928 building, working on the former weight rooms so they may house classrooms and preparing another building to accommodate the pre-kindergarten program. Summer volleyball and basketball camps are in progress.

Corrective repairs have been made to the Junior High exterior west wall and the district will continue to monitor the problems with the south and east walls with a plan for future corrective action.

The district policy manual will be made available on the school website. Most of the new school buses have arrived and the district will receive delivery of the remaining two buses late July or early August. Drivers met for a training at which they received pertinent information specific to the new buses.

Supt. Campbell is continuing to communicate with state government offices to ensure that La Harpe District is in position should state funding become available for school building construction.

The La Harpe board along with Prin. McKeown and Supt. Campbell will attend a presentation on coordination of curriculum and instruction made to the four districts and sponsored by Illini West High School.

In other business, the board approved the request to establish an FCA organization (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at La Harpe School sponsored by Mrs. Stephanie Mencel.

The school board adopted a resolution authorizing the issuing of tax anticipation warrants in the aggregate amount of $400,000 should the need for short-term borrowing become necessary.

The board also adopted the Prevailing Wage ordinance for FY2010, approved cafeteria equipment upgrades, set the breakfast, lunch and extra milk prices for the coming school year, and approved the amended amount for one of the buses being traded-in.

The board approved Jeanne Rosenboom as a substitute cook and sub custodian and approved the following athletic coaching personnel for the La Harpe/Dallas City Athletic Cooperative: 5/6 boys' baseball coach-Steve Fernetti with assistant coach to be determined and 7/8 boys' baseball coach to be determined with assistant coach David Anderson; 5/6 girls' basketball coach Matt Miller with assistant coach Dianne Hall and 7/8 girls' basketball coach Jason Finch with assistant coach Dave Clover; 5/6 boys' basketball coach Shawn Hopper with assistant coach Richard Douglas and 7/8 boys' basketball coach David Anderson with assistant coach A.J. Huston; 5/6 girls' volleyball coach Deanne Hartrick with assistant coach Dianne Hall and 7/8 girl's volleyball coach Cindy Pollock with assistant coach Lisa Trout; 5-8 boys' track coach Rodney Norris with 5-8 girls' track coach Carrie Faul.

All 5/6 sports plus track will be hosted at Dallas City and 7/8 sports will again be hosted at La Harpe. Both districts will continue to share the transportation for practices and games.

Regularly scheduled LCSD #347 board meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month in the school library at 7:00 p.m. We invite you to view agendas and approved La Harpe Board of Education minutes on the La Harpe Eagles website.

Board information may be accessed in the school district section at