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Gladstone's Board Moves Time to 7 p.m.

The Gladstone Village Board changed the time of regular meetings to 7:00 p.m. starting with the next meeting July 13th.

The Board met Monday evening at 6 p.m. at the Community building where four of six trustees were in attendance, Wendell Parsons, Mike Hopkins, Darlene Manes, and Willie Bielser along with Mayor David Stewart, Clerk Flo Stewart, and Village Attorney Andy Youngquist of Monmouth. Rex McKinney and Byron Sebastian were absent.

After the usual business was conducted, under old business, the board approved a subordinate agreement for two more years that Raritan Bank had requested be put in place due to a WIRC Grant John Russell was receiving for home improvements.

The board reported they had received a letter of resignation for Byron Sebastian as trustee, however no action was taken to accept his resignation.

Attorney Youngquist said he would look into proper procedures for replacing a trustee who has resigned.

Under new business, Janet Monville, Biggsville, from the Henderson County Economic Development presented a form for the board to look over that gives a report on the village for those moving here can see. Monville asked the Mayor for information on fire insurance rates and the proper address for the village.

Mayor reported the tax rates was 6 in the village and 8 outside and gave the Gladstone Village address as:

P.O. Box 179

Gladstone, IL

The Prevailing Wage Ordinance was approved.

Attorney Youngquist gave the board a copy of the Budget and Appropriation Ordinance to view and adjust where needed. It said numbers are usually increased 2.5% across the board, and he explained how the budget acts as a ceiling on village spending. "It would be nice to have the audit to compare actual amounts," he said. He said you are allowed to go over individual lines by 10%.

The issue on a water bill from a leakage at Graham's Tavern was brought up again for discussion. Brenda Smith had paid the bill of around $480 and was requesting a refund of $400 with disagreement on who's fault it was.

Trustee Wendell Parsons said, "She paid it in good faith and I think she should get it back." Darlene Manes agreed.

Mayor Stewart told the board, if they do this, they will have to do the same for everyone and not just pick and choose.

Manes made a motion to pay the $400 to Smith, and Willie Bielser seconded it. Roll call vote had Parson-yes, Hopkins-no, Manes-yes, and Bielser-yes, and the motion was approved.

Wendell Parsons brought up the proposed burn ordinance they were given last month by Attorney Youngquist as a guideline. Parsons said he did not agree with it and thought they should limit the size allowed for a burn pile to 50' wide and not to be allowed to burn when winds were over 15 m.p.h., and they should watch their burn barrels when in use.

Mayor Stewart, who also is Gladstone's fire chief, will bring in an ordiance they have that he feels will be of help.

On flood bills, the Mayor said the original bills that Rex McKinney has should be filed at the community building not at his home. These should be paid and they directed the attorney to appeal to F.E.M.A.

There were eleven guests at 6:58 p.m. when the meeting was adjourned.