The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Treasure Of The Bookmobile

By: Lori Bohnenkamp, Lomax

One of my happiest childhood memories is of my mother reading to my little brother and me every night just before we went to bed.

She would read a chapter or two of Henry Huggins or some other popular children's book. I so enjoyed that warm, wonderful time and those special stories.

Seeds were planted that would grow into a lifelong love of reading and books. I guess that's why I treasure the bookmobile so much.

The bookmobile is a library on wheels that journeys out to people who can't make it to the actual library building. It is packed full with a huge variety of books to accommodate the needs of all age groups.

Also offered for enjoyable entertainment is a small supply of videos.

Librarian, Janice Gerst pilots the bookmobile biweekly to various stops throughout the community. She's an exceptional caring lady who greets you with, "How are you guys?" and a warm smile.

She gets to know the regular users of the bookmobile. She recommends books she thinks you will enjoy. They are usually books she has experienced pleasure from. I say from experience every book she has suggested to my daughter and me we have loved.

The library offers an online catalog service. You order books online and the bookmobile brings your order to you. Access to a large number of libraries is available through the inter library loan program.

Over 2.6 million materials are available through this huge library network. I have used this service countless times and it's incredible. It works great.

Last year the library discussed discontinuing the bookmobile service. This was due to the high cost of gas and the deteriorating condition of the bookmobile.

There was such a protest from the community that this idea was never implemented. The library purchased a smaller bookmobile and thankfully gas prices have come down.

How do you put a value on something that gives so much to so many people? You don't! The librarian, the books and the vehicle what a bountiful treasure they are.