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West Central Promotes 88 8th Graders

West Central 8th Grade Promotion Tuesday evening, May 26th, climaxed the 2008-09 middle school career for the West Central class of 2013.

A capacity crowd was on hand to witness the promotion of 88 eighth grade students.

After a welcome from Principal, Jeff Nichols, the local Boy Scout troop led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Student Council President Montana Pence, greeting family and friends.

Next, Mr. Nichols presented the Good Citizenship Awards to Evan Bell and Megan Johnson.

Clay Pullen and Abby Hubbard treated the crowd to an alphabetical recap of middle school memories.

Eighth grade chorus members challenged their class to "Dare to Dream".

After an address to the class by Mr. Nichols, board members Renee Goff and Mark Torrance concluded the ceremony by presenting the students with a certificate of promotion.