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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Time to clean house on university of Illinois trustees"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois,

I'm a hope'n everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the activities at the Henderson County Fair.

The weatherman seemed to cooperate and the variety of activities offered something of interest for almost everyone.

The University of Illinois is having quite a go of it with their trustees. Lawrence Eppley, the go to guy for ex-Gov.

Rod Blagojevich, is quite the case. Typical of Illinois corruption and play for pay and/or other corrupt practices.

Intervening for special status for relatives, jumping them ahead of hundreds of other students, seemed benign to him.

Eppley was clouted, by the Blagojevich Team, into the board chairman's seat-even though he was the newest member of the board and a long standing tradition would have given the chair to a more senior member (Kenneth Schmidt).

Even worse or I should say more suspicious, is the fact he was chair for six years, when the normal term is two.

Eppley helped reverse the University's rejection of a relative of convicted influence peddler Antoin "Tony" Resko.

The law school was forced to admit a relative of Blagojevich donor Kerry Peck-over the dean's bitter protest, because Eppley told him the governor ordered it.

No one seems to question why some one would pay $10,000 for a seat on the supposedly none compensated trustee's board.

The rules and responsibilities of trustees of institutions of higher learning are clear and unmistakable.

They are charged with forming policy for that institution and ensuring that the college or University has necessary resources to carry out policy.

One of the more abominable changes the U of I trustees made, concerned bidding by cash rent the universitie's farmlands.

This not only directly affected the long standing tenants involved but farmers in general by setting into practice a very greedy and disruptive practice of bidding on the rental of land.

This was put into practice over the protest of many professional individuals, U of I Ag Dept. staff, farm bureau, etc, etc.

All request were ignored by trustee and chairman Eppley to the detriment of Agriculture and rural communities.

Supposedly it was Blagojevich's way of punishing farmers for voting against him, utilizing his inside man-Mr. Eppley.

The long standing practice for years was to allow marketing and management of University farmland to the Ag department. These folk knew the normal and fair standards for Illinois farmland.

Those landowners that gave, or willed from their estate, the land to the U of I had no idea the U of I would deviate from normal standard practices. They never dreamed their gift to the University would be used as a personal political tool for the likes of Rod Blagojevich or Lawrence Eppley.

They would be shocked to know their long time personal friends, tenants, and business partners would be victims by becoming political pawns.

It was never supposed their gift would point local communities to thy greed involved in this mess. Also, the detrimental affect it would have on future gifts to the university.

Public confidence should be restored into the integrity of the state's flagship university, by Governor Quinn, by making a sweep of the board. It is time for all of them to go, with the possible exception of the newest member McMillan, who should get a pass. The University needs a fresh beginning with trustees of integrity.

One wonders how deep this corruption lies within the Illinois political structure. What part did the politicians themselves play in this? Why did they not care about the detrimental public relation affect this would have on the University itself?

Some folk saved for years for their children to obtain the advantage of a U of I education and the political correctness affect it might have on their careers. Their children studied and worked hard to make the grade.

Along comes Lawrence Eppley and Rod Blagojevich's corruption and pay for play schemes and wham, with a single phone call the hard working student with good grades and a lifetime of savings and sacrifice is cut out.

Cut out for what-some kid of rich parents who was too lazy to study for good grades. Too interested in playing and goofing off to work for a right on equal basis for entry into U of I.

This whole process downgrades the value of education. It breeds the skepticism people have in justice and fair play.

The job force and professional occupations suffer as well. Look at the quality of Blagojevich, if you would like a good example of what this leads to. The whole affair smells!

Next week, be on the lookout for important information on late breaking news on how a young person and student of another era was drugged to modify his behavior and brainwash his occupational goals.

The interesting part is that it has been going on for several generations and is continuing on today and how it was considered a useful and affective tool to channel children.

I think you will find it most revealing and thought provoking. I'll keep you posted as I gather more information and evidence.

Keep on Smile'n
Catch Ya Later
Barnyard Bruke