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Miller To Retire And Run For Sheriff

Oquawka: Todd Miller, longtime Henderson County resident, has announced his retirement from the Illinois State Police after twenty years of state service.

Miller will retire on July 31st and has also announced he will be a candidate for the Henderson County Sheriff in the up-coming election.

Todd, and his wife Linda, are the parents of three children, Colby, age 23, Ryan, age 21, and Katelyn, age 18.

Miller began his law enforcement career in 1980 with the Monmouth Police Department. He has since served with the Henderson County Sheriff's Department, Illinois Commerce Commission Police and the Illinois State Police.

With twenty-seven years of law enforcement experience in different capacities, Miller believes he can offer a new approach to policing in Henderson County.

"Law enforcement in Henderson County needs to take a pro-active approach to problems. Answering calls from residents isn't enough anymore.

"With our increasing drug and property crimes activity, the Sheriff has to assign his resources to deal with these problems.

"Simply having patrol cars on is not enough. Our deputies have the knowledge and experience necessary, they just simply need the guidance," Miller said.

When asked what he would do different, Miller responded, "Henderson County needs to be back in the drug task force.

"I'm aware the county doesn't have endless funds, but there are federal grants available to deal with this. While grants do have an end, revenues received from fines and property forfeitures can continue to fund the program.

"These revenues need to be held back for drug enforcement and not used for other things. When you make progress with the drug problem, you will also slow property crimes."

Miller stated he looks forward to the up-coming campaign, meeting the citizens of Henderson County, and exchanging ideas.

Miller will be at the Republican Booth at the Henderson County Fair to visit with residents.