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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Chicken with its head off takes on new meaning."

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois.

I'm a hope'n everyone had a good fourth of July weekend. Whilst it rained about one inch and four tenths Friday night thru Saturday noon, most folk continued to have their fun and late afternoon picnics.

The exception I suppose, that I know of would be that feller over at Roanoke who was walking to his car after the fireworks. An older lady got her car's foot accelerator mixed up with her brake and ran the man over.

He died as sixteen men lifted the car off his crumbled body. It sure takes the fun out of a party to have a family member part this earth due to some confused person in a hurry to get home.

Julius Caesar named July after himself when he reworked the Old Roman calendar. The change went into effect in 44 B.C., the year Caesar was assassinated.

Earth is the farthest point (aphelion) from the sun this month, however the sunshine comes with enough power to make July the warmest month in most of the country.

The beautiful full moon we experienced last weekend, was referred to by Native Americans in July as "Full Buck Moon". This name was inspired by the new velvety antlers of male deer. Others refer to it as "Full Thunder Moon" for the dramatic weather July brings.

How many made it to the Biggsville Preservation Group's Ice Cream Social July 5th and Raritan fireworks July 3rd? We are so fortunate to have civic minded individuals who donate their time, seeing to it we have such good communities to live in and visit.

Ole Cornelius reminded me that on the news last week the present administration did not fare so well.

He claimed, they were exposed as a lying bag of sheetz. By his charges their lack of openness was exposed by staged town meetings.

Not only do they hand pick the news folk that may attend but they provide them the questions to ask as well.

To make a case for his "Health Care Programs" he planted one of his campaign workers and pretended to be shocked by her sad story that he or his aids helped contrive.

So much for his campaign promise of openness and honesty.

A global EPA scientist disagreed with conclusions drawn on global warming. He was muzzled, taken off the study, and even discredited. So much for basing legislation on Scientific evidence as he promised.

He appointed tax cheats to his cabinet and then defended their actions because they were "so needed". So much for following the law.

The prison in Cuba and foreign policy with Iran and Korea is not going well.

Young men and women are yet coming back in body bags from both Afghanistan and Iraq.

So much for his promised insight into settling quickly those disputes unless you call changing the nomenclature from "war on terror" to some other more friendly sounding name.

Maybe in that he claims he has solved or "ended the war on terror."

Well, Cornelius went on and on with these types of examples but by now I think you've gotten the point. He is not pleased with how things are going. He claims he has taken several opinion polls at local coffee shops and "Obama" has failed by 100% in every one of them.

I quizzed him about the legitimacy of those polls and he stated they were ever bit as accurate as NBC or any of the liberal press polls.

Anyhow, according to Cornelius, Obama is not doing so well in any of his polls and his popularity is shrinking.

I'll try to keep you posted, in case it matters.

Check this one out, in case you think those politicians can't run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

In 1945 Lloyd and Clara Olsen, from Fruita, Colorado, selected a rooster named Mike to be the guest of honor for supper. Lloyd grabbed Mike in one hand and an axe in the other and wack-off went Mike's head. To Lloyd's surprise, being headless didn't seem to slow Mike down one bit.

Lloyd and Clara were use to headless chickens running around for a short while after they had been beheaded. But Mike just kept right on living like nothing was wrong.

They did have to feed him with an eye dropper, but except for that, Mike was like any other red blooded rooster. The only thing was he couldn't crow.

When Mike was examined by scientists, it was discovered the axe had missed his jugular vein and left untouched the brain stem, which controls most of the chicken's important functions.

A huckstor named Hope Wade approached the Olsen's about cashing in on Mike's growing fame. They soon had Mike touring nationally in a circus sideshow as "Mike The Wonder Chicken".

People flocked to see him and willingly paid 25 cents a peek. At the height of his fame, Miracle Mike was raking in $4,500 a week. He was valued and insured for $10,000.

Mike's record eighteen months of living without a head came to an abrupt halt in March 1947 when he was accidentally killed by his owners while they were staying at a Phoenix motel. You might say they killed the chicken that way laying the golden eggs.

Mike is fondly remembered at the Fruita festival that includes a headless chicken race, pin the head on the chicken, and even a chicken cluck-off.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch Ya Later

Barnyard Bruke