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D.B. Conard, The Quill

Crime Stoppers Cookout - A Trumpet Call

The tables were full and folks just kept on coming on what you could only describe as a perfect day in the park. They were asked to take a bite out of crime, and they did.

The Henderson County Crime Stoppers Annual Cookout was more than a success according to Mark Lumbeck. The whole scene looked like it came right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

As I arrived, so did the Sheriff's granddaughter, which meant for her scrapbook a second newspaper picture with her grandfather. Lucky for us, for a child's picture represents so much when we think of the importance of the program that was being supported this Sunday.

It was also nice to hear the Sheriff's enthusiasm after the major "meth" bust last week.

It was a high speed chase, rolling lab, bad guys locked up, and a real treasure in a law enforcement officer's day, and a better, safer community because of it. There should be a trumpet call to declare the victory.

Behind the serving tables, red shirts were worn by Crime Stopper board members who were all busy doing what has been bragged about, and that is their ability to put on a great feed. Everyone I spoke too had nothing but good things to say about the meal and the day.

A friend had once shared with me what he thought lunch would be like in heaven, and that would be that everyone would eat together often.

That's exactly how it seemed Sunday with everyone seeming to know and enjoy each other over good food.


The handshake between the sheriff and a neighbor said it all to me in a simple way, strength, partnership and commitment. It is something that the Crime Stopper program could mean to each of us as we support it.

There was over 1600 dollars contributed to the Crime Stoppers program during Sunday's gathering,

The directors of the program are due a round of applause for this delicious feed and their efforts on all our behalf to take a bite out of crime in our county. Their efforts along with the Crime Stoppers can not help but have a positive lasting affect on every one's quality of life in Hendreson County.

One more trumpet please.