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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "ENJOY THE GOOD OLE DAYS OF THE 4TH OF JULY"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois. I'm a hope'n everyone is caught up on their work in betwixt these frequent rains.

Up in the North country, Kirkwood usually has a great display of fireworks the weekend before the 4th.

We took it in with meals, yard sales, and a great antique tractor pull.

A bad storm came up with hard winds and heavy rains. Mayor Bill Gullberg, of Stronghurst origin, displayed Henderson County hardiness and kept the fireworks on schedule.

Great work Bill, your father should be proud of you!

I'm look'n forward to up come'n area fireworks with much anticipation.

Those who professionally set them off, claim a light rain need not stop the display. But the weatherman is not call'n for rain, as far as I know.

The 4th celebrations are a good reminder of our Independence and the thankfulness we have that our forefather's threw off the shackles of King George of England.

In a recent conversation I had with Cornelius Farkwad, he stated how he felt we need the likes of those earlier statesmen today.

Cornelius proclaimed the "Decadent Socialistic Democratic Tax and Spenders" are rapidly give'n away much of what our forefathers fought to preserve. I tells Cornelius "That's a mouthful but, what does it mean?" It seemed rather harsh, on the outset, to me.

So, I looked it up in the dictionary when I arrived home. Decadent was defined as "falling off or deteriorating". Decadence was defined as the "act or process of falling into an inferior condition or state; decay; deterioration".

That seemed to match our present political situation with the government taking over the auto manufacturing, banking, energy and farming (thru cap and trade legislation).

Seeing as how our forefathers saw those activities as outside the realm of government intervention, as we now see it, maybe decadent is appropriate in comparison after all.

Next, I looked up "Socialistic" or Socialism". Socialistic was defined as "in accordance with socialism".

Socialism was defined as "a theory or system of social organization which advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production, capital, land, etc. in the community as a whole".

Socialism also was stated as the "procedure or practice in accordance with socialistic theory". Well, that also seemed to match up with present legislative effort by the Obama administration.

Maybe, ole Cornelius had something here, I wonders. The word next to socialize in the dictionary at my home was socialized medicine.

Socialized medicine was described as "any of various systems to provide the entire population, especially the lower income groups, with medical care through federal subsidization of medical and health services, general regulation of these services, etc".

This also sounded familiar to present legislative proposals. My dictionary was published in 1962.

I guess maybe I can see where Cornelius was come'n from in "tax and spenders". On both the National and state levels that part was fairly well self evident.

So, I goes back to Cornelius the next day with my new found information and asked why he designates Democrats with this label and not Republicans or politicians in general.

He explained it this a way: His Great-Great Grandfather fought the Democrats to eliminate slavery during the Civil War. In his opinion the Republican party of Lincoln was organized to throw off this bondage.

Now, the Democrats are back at it again, but this time the bondage is to "tax and spend-tax and spend".

They have turned it around to punish those Republicans for freeing their slaves. They want em back, but now they are gonna get those folk who have learned to profit since the Civil War.

They call it "transfer of Income" or Poetic Justice in gett'n even. They are using "Climate change Legislation" and The "Economic melt down" as the tool to do it. Scare'n people into complacency to go along with the effort by spread'n greater fears.

In fact, Cornelius says, Obama talks about so many problems he inherited. Bush on the other hand inherited much when he took office, but never once blamed anyone else.

In fact, Cornelius remembers remarks, by folks in the Bush-Gore election, referencing pity on whoever might win. It was not hard to predict, even back then, of "change in the air".

I'm not sure I agree with Cornelius on all these points. After all, with Nancy Polosi, Barney Frank, and Barbara Boxer leading the country, how could Obama go wrong?

Everyone knows California's reputation for being outside the norm, qualifies them to lead a country and our president around by the nose.

But wait a minute. Just because Cornelius said that, I don't have to repeat it. Therefore, I apologize right up front for any disparity for all parties involved.

Have a good 4th of July celebration with family and friends. And, remember these "Good Ole Days" in case Cornelius is correct concerning his opinion on the "Decadent Socialistic Democratic Tax and Spenders".

Oh! And by the way, my dictionary defines Democratic as "pertaining to, or belonging to the Democratic-Republican party".

So, I guess ole Cornelius was referring to both political parties as they now operate after all.

Someone once said, "There's not a nickel's difference". But then, that someone was a third party candidate.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke