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Biggsville Trustees Discuss Water, Election and Taxes

January 7, 2009 meeting...

Biggsville President Dale Allenbaugh reported to village trustees, that the village has received a copy of the CDAP grant.

The village will be scheduling a meeting with Dallas Rural Water to discuss whether the school will be their customer or Dallas Rural Water's. Dale invited the trustees to attend that meeting.

Dale Allenbaugh discussed the election, and stated that the president, clerk, and four trustee positions were up for election.

And in the Public Relations report, President Dale Allenbaugh said to increase the village taxes there needs to be a public meeting.

Dale asked the trustees if they were interested in raising the taxes and four trustees were not and no motion was made.

The board met in regular session January 7th with President Dale Allenbaugh presiding and the following present: trustees-Brian Cochran, Marilyn Evans, Jennifer Hopkins, Gloria Minard, Bob Onion, and Brian Sterett. Treasurer-Gloria Jones. Clerk-Frank Jones. Visitors-Dan Gibb.

Reports included:


The committee is working to determine what repairs are needed for the equipment and field.

Public Relations-

The village delivered 60 fruit baskets to the senior citizens.


The MFT budget needs submitted for the year. The board discussed the damage to East Main Street. Dale will investigate this issue. Clerk Jones mentioned that several places in the village where the street is settling.


Dale Allenbaugh discussed the water line and its ownership.


The generator will be hooked up shortly.

Old Business:

Dale Allenbaugh went over the emergency plan for using the community building.

New Business-

Jeff Lant said the sand spreader is in need of repairs or replaced, also the rider mower's deck needs replaced.

The meeting was held at the Biggsville Community Building with President Dale Allenbaugh opening by leading in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Clerk Frank Jones called roll and read the minutes which were approved.

Treasurer Gloria Jones presented the treasurer's report which was approved.

Clerk Frank Jones presented bills which were approved for payment.

Brian Sterett moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:58 p.m. seconded by Bob Onion. Roll was called and all present vote yes.

The next regular meeting will be on Wednesday, February 4, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Building.