The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


Last week in the January 2009 Gladstone Board Meeting account, the hours in Byron Sebastian's "Flood Bills" were incorrectly reported in the Quill as 50 hours and 30 hours on various equipment. That was the hourly rate, not the hours.

The correct amount on Sebastian's bill is as follows:

Sebastian's bills totaled $17,820 for use of 124 hours at $50 an hour on a uniloader, 122 hours at $50 an hour on a Bobcat, and two forklifts at 150 hours and 34 hours each at $30 an hour from June 13 thru the 22nd. The rest was correct in that he had a bill for repairs to his equipment that totaled $3,398.41 with his total bill.... $21,218.41.

According to Darlene Manes, Gladstone Village Trustee, a paragraph preceding the break-down of bills turned in by Kurt McChesney could be misleading.

Two invoices were turned in by McChesney, one for pre-flood work totaling $52,328.68, but part of that figure was for independent businesses of Ryco in Bushnell and Husband Trucking from Oquawka. McChesney's part on pre-flood was actually $28,232.81, she said.

Also, the water hook-up bill given to Matt Gray for the Happy Rock Water Works totaled a few cents shy of $1,270, not $1550 as reported.

The Quill regrets these errors.