The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Enough Is Enough

Dear Editor,

As a board member and involved in FEMA I know a lot of what is going on first hand, but at the same time I have my views and opinions.

The FEMA issues seem to be causing a lot of hard feelings, which is sad.

I do try to look at the issue with FEMA from both sides.

I realize when you are so closely involved in something it's difficult to look at both sides with an open mind.

I just hope this doesn't split the town; we all worked together during the flood and now it's more important for everyone to get involved and work together again.

The FEMA issue is being investigated so let them do their job and we set it aside.

No matter how you feel, nothing can change what was done and how it was done, so fighting about it will not help.

Let the investigators make the decision on what is right or wrong.

Our little village has wonderful people in it and is a great place to live so lets keep it that way. We all should be working together for the betterment of the village.

Darlene Manes

Gladstone Village Trustee

Why Not Have A Beer Tent?

Dear Editor,

Anyone who attended last years Henderson County fair knows that the grounds were very far from alcohol free.

At times it seemed like every other person I saw had a beer in their hand or a cooler full at their feet.  Even some fair officials were guilty. 

If the alcohol ban is not going to be enforced, then why not have a beer tent and make some money off of it.

Maybe they could use the extra money to find some different grandstand attractions instead of the same race three nights in a row every year.

Richard Waterman