The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Quill, The Way It Use To Be

History Of The Quill:

The Quill newspaper has been an important part of La Harpe for many years. One of the first Quill offices was on West Main Street in the space the Rodeffer Dentist Office now occupies.

The newspaper office moved there in 1894, and remained there until 1902, when it moved to its present location.

Having lost his father at the early age of 16, Harry Bradshaw began an association with the Quill in 1896, an association that was to last a lifetime. He signed on as an apprentice printer before the turn of the century. He later bought into a partnership with Boyd Campbell, and later on with his uncle, F. A. Wilkinson. He eventually assumed full ownership, having been joined by his oldest son, Byers, in 1925.

His other son, William, joined the staff in 1936. Together, the three of them made "The Quill" into one of the leading weekly newspapers in the area.

All through the years, they were helped by members of their family; Harry's wife, Josie, Byers' wife, Eileen, and Bill's wife, Lois, who set the type one letter at a time, by hand, all worked at The Quill.

Many years later, a linotype machine was installed, and Eileen Bradshaw operated it. When Byers joined the Navy during World War II, Eileen moved to Peoria, and Lois learned how to run the linotype, and she was the linotype operator for 20 years.

Harry passed away in 1950, and his two sons kept running The Quill. Byers was in charge of putting together the ads and doing printing. Bill gathered and wrote the news, as well as a personal column called "People, Places and Things" by The Old Man's Son. In 1968, Bill left "The Quill" and moved to Quincy, Illinois. A few years later the newspaper was sold to the Bell family.

Harry Bradshaw at the front door of the Quill, Main Street. La Harpe.

Harry & Josie Bradshaw at their home.

Byers Bradshaw

Bill was named "Man of the Year" by the T.P. & W in 1957

Bill out gathering news.