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Gladstone Trustee Questions Hours

In reference to the flood of 2008, Gladstone Trustee Darlene Manes made a motion not to approve the portion of November's minutes, as read by the clerk, of the initial sign up by Mike Hopkins and Don Olson pertaining to the flood paperwork.

The motion was seconded by Stewart and roll call was taken with Jim Hetrick, Mike Hopkins, and Byron Sebastian voting "Yes," and Jr. Bielser, Darlene Manes, and "Flo" Stewart voting "No."

The tie vote was broken by Mayor McKinney adding his "No" vote.

The remainder of the November minutes were approved. The action took place at the regular December board meeting last month.

Reading from a prepared statement, Trustee Darlene Manes expressed concern over an alleged 122 hours of work documented by Byron Sebastian for a Bobcat Track Loader.

Manes said she learned after talking to RSC Equipment Rental that the installed hour meter had only shown 27.9 hours with 13.75 hours going to the previous renter.

She questioned other hours turned in by Sebastian on an 1845 C Uniloader and two forklifts.

She also, added that with her "date stamped photos," the work done by Sebastian would have been completed while flood waters were receding.

Sebastian was on the agenda, but made no comment since the attorney was not present.

The Village of Gladstone board meeting was held on December 8, 2008 at the Gladstone Community Building.

The Board also discussed the railroad crossing closing on Liberty Street.

Mayor McKinney again said he would sign the document this month to close the crossing since the board had agreed to it.

The board voted 5 to 1 to give Patty Wood a raise of $10 per month, joining the rest of the trustees and Clerk who was given a $10 raise in November. The only no vote was cast by Darlene Manes.

In other business:

All of the Board was present including: Mayor: Rex McKinney, Clerk: Joyce Hetrick, Trustees: Jr. Bielser, Jim Hetrick, Mike Hopkins, Darlene Manes, Byron Sebastian and Flo Stewart;

Guests present were: Don Olson, Jack Weeks, Jim Seaman, Dick Bigger, Lyn Zeilstra, Deputy Steve Henshaw, Margaret Johnson, Frankie Johnson,

Kurt McChesney, Peter Rousonelous, Emily Rousonelous, Jeremy DeWitt, Alan Ferguson, Brady Smith and Brenda Smith.

The board adjourned at 7:55 p.m. until this Monday, January 12, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. when Sebastian is expected to make a presentation.