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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: Live in Such a Way that You Would Not Be Ashamed to Sell Your Parrot to the Town Gossip

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois. I'm a hop'n this changeable weather is not catching anyone off guard.

One day showers, the next snow. One day shirt sleeves, the next heavy jacket.

The morning of the 19th had thundershowers, so we know at least one cold spell in May.

Do you know how you can tell how cold it is outside by your rhododendron? It's leaves begin to cup, and curl below 35 degrees F. Half the leaf surface disappears into the curl at 24 degrees F. The leaves curl tightly, turn brownish green, and dangle at temperatures in the teens. Try it, it works.

I talked to you last week about the parrot in the freezer. Will Rogers used the example of a parrot to your reputation. His advice was, "To live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip".

Calving is now at 55 born and going strong. It shore is fun bring'n those little critters into reality.

For those of you'ns that have put on a little weight this winter, a brisk walk is being encouraged to take off calories. I looked it up and if'n you walk at 3 miles per hour you would need to walk 40 minutes to work off a slice of pizza. A small package of potato chips would require 33 minutes of walking and an ice cream cone requires 30 minutes as does a 12-ounce beer. A blueberry muffin needs only 25 minutes of walk'in time to use up it's calories.

For you men and women folk who engage in scrubbing floors, take comfort in the fact it is equivalent to bicycling at 5.5 miles per hour.

If you carry this on out, it looks to me the way some of you'ns have been chomp'n down at these banquets I've been see'n ya at, you had better devote the better one-half of a day to walk'n.

"A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder, but rest and guilt live for asunder". (Ben Franklin) How do you think Roland Burris is a sleep'n right now? Taped phone conversations of former governor Rod Blagojevich hold promise of catch'n others by surprise. Makes you wonder, don't it?

Some politicians these days are a comparing themselves to ole Abe Lincoln. Of course his virtues carry value and are oft quoted of late. However, there is much difference betwixt imitating a good man, and counterfeiting him. I'm a fear'n some of what is our modern politicians are even poor counterfeits of bygone days.

I am reminded of a credit union manager in Eugene, Oregon. She was charged with embezzling $630,000 from her company over a 6 year period. The woman admitted to the jury that although her hands had actually taken the money, her heart, mind, and spirit were innocent because it was one of her multiple personalities that had committed the crimes. I wonder if Burris ever thought of that plausible excuse?

I see where Kraft is devoting $millions to beat'n farmers prices down. It might be a good idea to ask who ever is buying your corn, what becomes of it? Does it go to feed those of the Grocers Manufactures Association and the ilk that support them in their cause for cheap grain prices. Or does it stay in your community-supporting jobs and community development.

If it is the former and that satisfies you then thank them for helping you pay less taxes. If the latter, thank them as well for supporting your family, your lifestyle and your community. REMEMBER, you are in control of who you sell to. Either those that support you or those that despise you for mak'n a decent live'n. The choice is yours!

The ethanol meet'ns went well last week in West Burlington. Saw many local folks there with over 170 in attendance at the Coop Annual meeting, held in the morning of February 17. The LLC meeting held in the afternoon was attended by a like number and both gatherings were enthusiastically attended.

You know everything would be in proper order with Brad Flatt and the Kane Brothers keep'n everything in sharp order.

A good laugh is sunshine in anyone's house! Smile and make someone feel a little better for the day.

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke