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Threatens Gladstone With Lawsuit

In regards to unpaid flood bills, the Village of Gladstone has received a letter from Kurt McChesney's attorneys threatening to file a lawsuit if the village does not send payment of $89,082.81 within ten business days or make arrangements to make payments to McChesney Farms.

According to the letter, dated February 10th, McChesney Farms contacted the Chicago law firm of Evans, Loewenstein, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LTD, and on McChesney Farms behalf, they sent a letter regarding what they described as an "outstanding unpaid balance" for "equipment, materials and labor to the Village of Gladstone."

The letter states:

"At this time, demand is hereby made that, within ten (10) business days, the Village of Gladstone either send immediate payment in certified funds in the amount of $89,082.81 to satisfy this debt or contact McChesney Farms to make payment arrangements.

"If the Village of Gladstone fails to respond pursuant to this demand, then McChesney Farms will file a lawsuit to enforce its right to payment."

At Gladstone's last regular meeting February 9, the board, on advice of Attorney Andrew Youngquist, decided to wait on disbursement of FEMA payments until McChesney shows proof with receipts, that he had paid labor bills.

It was also noted February 9th by Mayor Rex McKinney, that FEMA has asked for the clean-up money to be returned to them "since there was such an issue over it" which is over $50,000 and a major part of the money that McChesney is now demanding he receive.

Board member Jim Hetrick said that in talking with the Village Attorney, he advised that Mayor Rex McKinney will need to call a special meeting to address the issue.