The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

My admiration and respect go out to each and every one of you who have embraced the philosophy of the Teacher's Academy with enthusiasm and a renewal of the dedication for the children that caused you to become a teacher in the first place.

Teaching today is no easy task, considering all the distractions today's child brings to the classroom.

It seemingly is an impossible task, but impossible tasks are accomplished by incredibly dedicated people who through perseverance and determination will meet and exceed the challenges of No Child Left Behind legislation.

By embracing the basic foundations of the teaching academy, you have enhanced every child's chances of succeeding to the best of their abilities in their education.

I have, as you know, attended these sessions with you and I hope to attend the remaining sessions as well.

John Wooden, was quoted as saying, "Failure waits for those who stay, with some success made yesterday."

You have all had your past successes, very many of them I suppose, but you have recognized the need for new techniques and new teaching strategies to deal with the modern day family as it enters the complicated future world.

Let your perseverance and determination paralyze the resistance to those who would accept failure as an option for any student regardless of status, geography, or past family situations.

The Lord said, "You will endure many trials and tribulations and you will come through it a better man."

I have seen you up close and first hand, I know what has been accomplished so far.

I feel very certain success waits for those of you who perserve and the winners will be the children of West Central District #235.

You will be the better teacher, and our children, will be the better educated.

If the beginnings of the Teacher Academy are any indication, it will take your patience, it will take your hard work, it will be a real struggle, it may even take great length of time, but you will succeed at this challenge, and all the children of the district will benefit greatly from your successes,

We need teachers who can and will influence their peers and who can not and will not be detoured from their convictions by a few naysayer's who do not have the courage to have any conviction of their own.

What I have seen when I attended the teachers accademy, are teachers with conviction, who are learning into the 21st century for the benefit of every single child who attends West Central.

In closing I would like to quote Henry Ford Sr. "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again".

Our test scores indicate that we have failed to some degree in our mission.

Our work in the teachers's academy indicates that we have seized upon this opportunity to begin again.

Great work!

With respect and admiration,

Richard W. Clifton

Retired teacher/administrator

Current board member


Dear Editor and Sponsors of the Church News,

The Bethel Lutheran Church congregation would like to thank you and the sponsors of the church news page for publishing our worship times and our schedules for church activities.

We appreciate this service that you make available to our community.


Barbara Malcolm

Congregational Secretary
Bethel Lutheran Church