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Tri-County Cattlemen Enjoy Annual Banquet

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher-Owner

Saturday evening, January 31, the Tri-County Cattlemen had their long-standing annual banquet with over 500 gathering at the WIU Union Grand Ball room in Macomb.

The cattlemen featured delicious marinated and grilled steaks with all the trimming.

The welcome was given by President John Emerick and the invocation was given by Vice-President Jeremy Kane who moved into the President's seat after the banquet.

Mitch Lefler (Secretary-Treasurer recognized scholarship sponsors who help provide the funds for 12 scholarships out of 18 applicants.

Lee Moore recognized the scholarship winners asking a different question of each.

Winners were Jonathan Arnold (West Central), Trey Brokaw (Monmouth/Roseville), Abby Corzatt (West Central), Jonathan Haney (West Prairie), Joshua Heaton (West Prairie), Rachael Jack (West Central), Michael Kane (Monmouth-Roseville), Rachael Keane (West Central), Keri Jo Kelso (Macomb), Anthony Leary (United), Stephanie Nelson, (West Prairie), and Abigail Schwerer (West Prairie).

Many of the students were in college and unable to come, but six of the scholarship winners were present.

Jeremy Kane recognized the Pharmaceutical sponsors.

Then Cimeron Frost of the Illinois Beef Association, was on hand to bring a legislative update on events affecting cattle. He commended Sullivan and Myers for doing a good job for the cattlemen and talked at length about the Illinois Branded Beef Products that helps cattlemen get a little more out of their product.

Dudley Ricketts announced the Beef-Backers and called them up for their award:James and Elizabeth McGrew who's run a feed lot equipment business in Avon since the 70s, and Larry and Deb Mason who run the Bushnell Locker plant.

Featured speaker for the evening was comedian Rex Havens who had everyone in stitches with his talk - "Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From My Wife."

After Havens warned newly weds in the audience of the upcoming events that may occur after they marry and things that a husband and wife may need to know, he concluded with advising them to mind their manners, to be more sentimental, and remember the important dates.

He reminded men that jewelry is really important and explained to women that men are really simple creatures, and don't like to engage in wasted effort.

He finished with a contest for the married men in the audience having them stand until he reads a task they had not done for their wife, such as made breakfast for them in the last month or bought flowers. When he was through, only two remained standing. It was an excellent show of their affection for their wife, and Havens gave them one of his books, and the other, a shirt.

He also offered his books and CDs for $10 a piece with all of the proceeds going to the Tri-County Cattlemen's scholarship fund. Directors for their event were:

McDonough: Scott Royer, John Emerick, Scott Herndon, Lee Moore, and Jan Runner.

Warren: Mark Gillen, Jeremy Kane, Darryl Ricketts, Dudley Ricketts.

Henderson: Karl Gullberg, Ross Gullberg, Mitch Lefler, Marlene McChesney, Arbry Vancil.

The Cattlemen reported they had served 19 different events in 2008 for a total of 4,335 steaks, 2,731 burgers, and 610 hot dogs/brats.

Cattlemen and their wives enjoy a delicious steak buffet

Part of the crowd enjoying comedian Rex Havens, who has opened for many famous comedians.

Scott Royer and Senator John Sullivan auction off steaks, pictures, and gifts, raising money for the scholarship fund.

Johnathan Arnold, one of twelve scholarship winners, said he was "eager to achieve" and is attending Southeastern Community College - West Burlington, IA.