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Letter to Editor

The purpose of donating to 2 blood banks

Dear Editor:

Recently, I had the opportunity to help sponsor a local blood drive in our Church and while calling prospective donors to participate, I had questions more than one time why we have two agencies collecting blood: Red Cross and Mississippi Valley Blood Banks.

I visited with representatives from both agencies and find they both are very important for our community. All of the donations from both blood banks are needed.

Each agency has contracts with individual hospital in their regions. If one agency cannot meet the needs for that hospital the other agency would help whenever needed.

Red Cross is nation wide and provides many services as well as blood drives. In addition to their blood collection operation located throughout the state of Illinois, they provide volunteers to help provide educational classes such as health and safety training, disaster preparedness training and response efforts and emergency communications between military personnel and other families at home.

Red Cross has an extensive blood collection operation located in Illinois with their regional offices being based in Peoria.

They serve 40 different hospitals and medical centers in their region of Peoria and more than 3000 hospitals are served nationally.

Mississippi Valley Regional blood Center was formed in 1974 as an independent, not for profit organization . More than 120,000 units are collected annually in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri They have Regional blood centers in Moline, Rock Island, Galesburg, Canton, Macomb,and other areas with many of their contracted hospitals being in those areas..

It is important to know that both organizations work together to serve patients when needed.

Some important facts about blood donations are:

1) One donation can help save up to 3 lives.

2) Every year in the U.S. 5 million people receive blood transfusions.

3) Forty percent of the population is medically eligible to give but only 5 percent actually donate.

4) One out of 5 people entering the hospital will need blood and every 2 seconds someone needs blood.

All donations to these 2 agencies are needed for people who need this precious commodity. If you can made a donation, please respond and do so when a blood bank is scheduled for your area.

Phyllis Harrell