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Letters to Editor

What Are Our Kids Doing?

Dear Editor,

Last Friday morning I was privileged to witness for myself a learning experience that took place at West Central Junior High School.

The 8th grade students were concluding a unit on early American immigration practices and Ellis Island.

Rather than just lecture on the Ellis Island experience or show an outdated movie these students were actually walked through a simulation on what that experience must have been like in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

In taking part in this learning experience myself, I was reminded of the many reasons certain immigrants were allowed into our great country and the many reasons certain immigrants were disallowed entry.

My congratulations to Mr. Nichols and the teaching staff on this innovative way of teaching the good and the bad of the American immigration experience.

It is a memory that I will retain for many years and the ethical and moral values that the students learned in a way that made them actually a part of the immigration experience will be a part of their respect and admiration for our great country.

Congratulations on a job well done. An example of education at its best.

Richard W. Clifton

Executive Administrator

Oak Lane Nursing & Rehab

Dear West Central School Board Member,

It has been brought to my attention that you are thinking about or may have already released Steve Arnold from his contract as Head Football Coach.

I think this is a grave mistake on your part. If it is due to the lack of non winning seasons there is more to football than the win/loss column.

I have had a child play for Union/West Central Football program for 12 years prior to this year, I have seen many coaches come and go, from the time of Galen Noard to Steve Arnold.

I can tell you this with certainty, Coach Steve Arnold has had the most respect from any football player that has went through that system. He does not tear a player down or belittle them.

He is always there to build them up and to make them believe in themselves.

If the student, (and a lot of this depends on the student) has the willingness to play the sport of football, Steve will do whatever it takes to make that player the best player he can be.

If the student just wants to go out and play around that is not Steve's fault.

I know of 4 student athletes that have played football for Steve and have went on to play College Football.

How many other coaches from Union/West Central football program have the pleasure of saying the same thing?

Steve has taught them that even though they didn't have more wins than losses that they are still a valuable person, and football player.

He taught them that when you get knocked down you get back up and get ready for whatever comes at you next.

He didn't teach them to do what you are now doing. That if your not good enough we don't want you around so we will just replace you. What is that teaching our children.

If you as a School Board are concerned about losses, I would say that getting rid of Steve Arnold is the biggest mistake that you could make.

If your worried about school spirit try supporting Steve, not tearing down what he has started.

Give him a chance. Support him, don't condemn him.

Truly Saddened by all of this,

Tina L. Waterman