The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

It's Always A Joyous Occasion

By Shana Jackson, The Quill

The Joyous Occasion Club was started a little over 4 years ago when a group of 5 ladies got together one day to visit and share their ups and downs of life and be encouraged by one another.

They each enjoyed the time they had spent with one another on that day, so they all decided that they needed each other to lean on.

So the group of five ladies meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month in one of their homes.

One of the ladies had commented that it was always a "joyous occasion" when they all get together, so needless to say that's what they named their group- "The Joyous Occasion Club" or The J.O. Girls."

You may ask what do the J.O. Girls do when they get together?

According to Barb Walker, when they all gather, it's a chance to just let their hair down and to be themselves.

Barb truly enjoys the time they spend together whether it's staying in or going out for the day.

They usually gather at 9:00 a.m. at the hostesses house starting off with some breakfast and either in or out for lunch and finishing up around 3 p.m.

Their day is filled with laughter, eating, sharing what has gone on in their lives during the week, games whether it is Dominoes or cards, small day trips and of course Bible scripture readings and more laughter and eating.

They have a very spiritual uplifting time when they are all together, which is something everyone needs in their daily lives.

Some of the day trips consist of going to Springfield, IL and touring the Lincoln Museums, going to the campground in Springfield where Barb and Rex Stewart were camping, attending an outdoor play, to name a few.

Barb also said that they have went to Lake Argyle before where the Stewarts' had been camping and they had a wiener roast.

The ladies have also packed a picnic lunch and just took off on a drive which Barb called "The River Trip Day".

They drove to Keokuk, IA, stopping on the pier for lunch and on to Ft. Madison, IA and Burlington, IA.

Then one month it was time for Barb to be hostess and she had a beach day inside.

It was a rainy dreary day outside, she said, so she decided that she would throw a Beach Party.

She brought out the big umbrella, the beach ball and bought them all sunglasses and flip flops. Decorated the kitchen table with sea shells and sand and said they all had a wonderful time.

They celebrate everyone's birthday and Barb hosts every holiday party. She states that she really enjoys doing this and that the ladies are all ok with her having that day.

She enjoys decorating her home for Christmas and also Easter is one of her favorites.

I have known Barb for many many years and I can say when she decorates, it's not just a tree up in the living room, but it's taking down pictures off the walls, hanging up new things, or taking down those kitchen curtains and hanging some up that go with the holiday.

Barb truly enjoys doing things like this and God blessed her with a great talent.

So, the next time you have a joyous occasion in your life, remember these 5 women Barb Walker, Barb Stewart, Judy Burt, Joy Palmer, and Carol Clover other wise known as the J.O. Girls-Joyous Occasion.