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Crime's A Risin'

db Conard The Quill

This Monday morning the Sheriff said it had been a busy week. The Sheriff felt that crime was on the increase due to the season. There were a number of crimes in the vicinity of the Weir Fruit Farm from vandalism to burglary, he said.

On the 28th the Dale Detrick residence was broken into and Dale Lukens windows were shot-out at his cabin south of Gladstone, and then the Megan Clark garage was broken into while they ran into town. The Sheriff said that the thieves left some evidence behind that might help to catch them.

The Sheriff also said that there was a big push on investigating a truck theft and burning which is the Crime Stoppers alert for the week.

Vandals in Lomax last week struck Dennis Logan's combine on the south side of town. They cut wires, messed up the cockpit, flattened tires in an act of senseless stupid vandalism.

Law enforcement says that so much could be prevented if everyone started to pay just a little better attention to the details.

Sheriff Mark Lumbeck says "Lock it!" Cars and home are the first basics. "Light it!" It goes without saying. Motion sensor lighting is simple and inexpensive. "Mark it!" Mark your valuables so it helps to trace it back to you, and record serial numbers. And don't put all the information on your computer. That is the first thing they may take.

The harder we make it for a potential criminal, makes them go elsewhere, and we are not unnecessarily tempting anyone who out of desperation may do things they wouldn"t ordinarily do.

Watch by paying attention to anything out of the ordinary, and if you see something that you think might be important, and you are not sure what to do, call the people who will appreciate the effort whether it results in anything or not. You just never know, so, why not help stop crime. Call the Henderson County Sheriff's Office at 309-867-4291 or CrimeStoppers at 877.867.6202.